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February 2, 2003

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Apple, the Pet of the Day
Name: Apple
Age: Deceased
Gender: Female
Kind: Gerbil
Home: Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
   Apple was a white-spotted cream colored female who gave birth to over 15 offspring from three litters. Apple was a mother, a friend, and a beautiful creature. She received her name because her eyes where dark and as red as an apple. Her hobbies were chewing things, sleeping every three hours, and caring for her pups. I fed her fruit and veggies on a regular basis. Among her favorite snacks were carrots, crackers, and celery. For fun she especially liked to chew the cardboard rolls that she would receive on a weekly basis.

    From having three litters of pups she began the habit of making everything into a bed. She was a good mother and never neglected her pups even when they grew too old for her to carry. Apple liked to chew anything it seems. It wouldn't take long after I tossed in a piece of cardboard for her to get the job done. Her record for ripping apart a toilet paper roll was about five minute! Talk about fast! Her favorite exercise routine was running around inside the gerbil ball. Out of all ten of my gerbils she was the only one who liked the rolly ball. I would place her inside the ball and off she'd go! She was the most beautiful white-spotted cream colored female I've ever seen. Her husband's name is "Road Kill" and he is an Agouti. From that combination came three wonderful litters of white-spotted Agouties. She had been in my care for two years to the day. To my dismay, on August 18th, the beautiful Apple died of old age. She is missed by all of her children, close admirers, and especially by me, her devoted owner and friend. We miss you all too much Apple. Hope you have much to eat, places to explore, and friends to care for. Rest in peace.

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