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   Hello Pet of the Day,

   I live in Barbados, a very small island in the Caribbean, only 166 square miles; we are the mostly easterly of the whole island chain. We have warm, sunny weather practically 365 days a year; our beaches are some of the best in the world, with fine, white sand and beautiful blue waters.

   I love to visit your website every day especially to see the Cat and Dog of the Day, and every day they put a smile on my face. If I'm having a downer of a day, guaranteed, when I visit, there will be a smile on my face afterwards. I've even taken to e-mailing some of the previous pets of the day to my friends to brighten their days as well. I have two dogs, both are Jack Russell mixes, and each day, no matter what is happening in my life, they make me laugh, give me lots of kisses and hugs and get up to lots of mischief!! Keep up the GREAT work. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website!!!


   My sister in Los Angeles got me started on Cat of the Day a couple of years ago. I live in Florida and we are both huge cat lovers. I soon found that I couldn't visit the Cat of the Day without checking out the dog and the pet as well, and now your Web site is my must-see every morning. If I do skip a day (weekends when I am too frustrated with my slow home computer as opposed to my fast work computer), I go back and see whom I've missed. My favorite stories are the rescues, where someone found an animal or adopted from a shelter. As another reader commented, the news is filled with horrifying animal abuse tales, and there is nothing better than reading an uplifting few paragraphs that prove that happy endings and wonderful people do exist. I have even cried after reading several of the stories, especially when the photos are in memory of some beloved pet. I am addicted to cat, dog, and Pet of the Day, and I can not imagine not reading them every single day!


      West Palm Beach, FL

   I'm addicted to this site--my day cannot start off without it, and it's bookmarked on my computer at the very top of My Favorites! I first look at CatoftheDay and then go to the rest. We have three cats, but I love ALL animals, and I enjoy sharing that passion with millions of other wonderful pet owners around the world! I never miss a day, and often re-visit the archives. It makes me happy to see everyone's little "gifts" and read about their love for them. Animals are here to show us a piece of Heaven on Earth, and a great escape from the day's pressures. Thanks for your wonderful site!

      Virginia Jalen

      Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

   I love Cat of the Day. I like to see if any of the cats look like my cats. The stories are great especially those about rescued cats.

      Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

   I really enjoy your site. I look at it every day. Its the first site I go to. I also enjoy seeing pictures and reading about other peoples pets. It's nice to know that there are others that love and enjoy animals as much as I do. I own 4. 2 dogs and 2 cats.


   I like to visit Cat of the Day daily because I love to see how much other owners love their cats as much as I love mine. I think all the cats are adorable. Me and Honey are going to keep trying to get her on Cat of the Day, so we can prove how special she is! :]

      Hannah G, U.K

   I love your site!

   The animals are adorable . I check Pet of the Day, Dog of the Day, and Cat of the Day every day!I am even going to enter my dog for Dog of the Day!

   I think your web site is cool because everyday it shows different animals and they are always cute!I live in Val-Caron and almost everyone on my street has an animal! Thanks for the wonderful website Pet of the Day people and the people who enter there pets!


   I want to thank Pet of the so much for this wonderful website. When I get to work it is the first thing I do when I turn on my computer, it always starts my day out with a smile. I can't have pets at my apartment, and I'm craving something to spoil, and also everywhere on television and the Internet I see so many articles and shows about abused animals, Too many people do not understand the deep emotional and amazing soul that Any creature on earth can posses no matter how large or small. Animals all over the world are suffering and living in horrible conditions everyday, This website renews my faith in Human Beings, and that some of us really do care and wont stand for it. Well again, thank you so much for your website. and thank you to all those who have let go of the "top of the food chain complex" and opened up their heart and mind to an animal and in return received an unmeasurable amount of life and love.

   "God's Creatures are just innocent children with no voice"


   I love coming to this site because I LOVE DOGS and enjoy seeing pictures of the kind of dog I own. I also love this sight because I can get info on how to raise my puppy. This sight is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!

   I've used your site as my start page for over three years now, and will continue to do so because I love it!

   Apart from seeing all the lovely animals pictured, it also makes me laugh (and sometimes cry) to read the quirky and miraculous stories about them.

   Mostly though, it gives me inspiration and joy: with all the terrible things happening in the world and all the atrocities that people do to other people, the vast majority of human beings are still capable of giving love and joy to each other and the animals around them. I find that incredibly uplifting, and when I'm feeling down a quick visit to your website restores my faith in human nature and bathes me in the basic goodness of people worldwide.

   So - thank you and keep up the good work!

      Aly Farrow

   Just found your website and I love it. I can only ask why people would not love it. Pets are truly one of the bright spots in today's world.


   I live and work at a newspaper in Louisiana. First thing I do when I get to work is check the Cat of the Day...many of my coworkers do the same and sometimes...especially on a Monday, it puts us in a much better mood.

   There are people around the world who have no idea that their Cat of the Day is actually hanging in our cubicles. One of our favs was Lucy from Texas. She had such big ears, feet and was so ugly we just fell in love with her. Such a little country bumpkin kitten.

   Your site is the best and thank you so much for allowing people to show their wonderful furry (and sometimes not) friends.

      Jamie Gates
      Lake Charles, Louisiana

   I'm a huge dog fan, and it's fun to see if other dog owners are as nutty as me, or if their dogs are as spoiled as mine!But I love to read about all the pets. In fact, I find myself really enjoying the other pets, other than cats and dogs,even more so. Mostly because I learn a lot about why people love them so much. I consider myself an animal lover, but personally would never own anything but a dog. By reading about the gerbils, parrots, guinea pigs and all the unique pets out there, I get a feel for the reasons why people love these other critters so much... sometimes I find myself almost wanting one of those other critters too... almost. Some of the pets on this site are simply amazing! A few times I have send the links to friends of mine. Thanks for giving us all something to feel good about. I think people who don't like pets must be very strange indeed- and probably not the loving , compassionate people we animal lovers are! It's good to read about love of all kinds. It makes you all warm and fuzzy inside... ( kind of like a dog is snuggling near you..) LOL.


   I have set Pet of the Day as my homepage, I enjoy it so much. It is always cheers me up when I'm sad, to see cheerful pets. With three cats I also love to see the many different cats that appear on the Cat of the Day. And even though I have no dogs of my own, it is always a joy to see their smiling faces!

      Janie S.
      Texas, USA

   I just LOVE the Pet of the Day because I just LOVE pets and animals. I am so glad you put this website on here so people that do not or cant have pets have this website. I have six pets at my house. Two chines dwarf hamsters a cat and three dogs. I hope that God bless the makers of Pet of the Day.

   Lancaster, Ohio, USA

For all the same reasons everyone else has given. Mainly, cats make me feel happy, peaceful, content and necessary. I have always loved cats. In fact, I often think I must have been a cat in a previous life! And, I've never met a cat I didn't like. This will be a favorite place to visit in the future. Thanks for sharing.

   I truly enjoy this web site. I cannot fathom a non-animal lover. They give you unconditional love and never stay angry with anyone very long. I have a six year old Dachshound; HOMER and can't imagine a day without loving him. I live in a small city in Wisconsin and have moved several times with Homer. He tolerates each move well and is the main reason my wife and I can adapt as well. Keep up this wonderful web site as it brings so much pleasure to so many people.

      Jackson, Wisconsin, USA

   I love your site!! My friends and I all check it every day!!!

   Thank you so much. Every day I am up early, come up to the computer and check the Dog of the Day. I don't know what I would do in the early hours while my family is still asleep if there wasn't this website. I enjoy looking at all the pets who have been honored Pet of the Day, Dog of the Day, or Cat of the Day and think wow my dogs should be on there. I go downstairs and eat breakfast thinking about how many more people love their pets than abuse them. After that I spend a lot of time with my two dogs, Jasmine and Brooke and my cat, Midnight.

   Thank You,


   Thanks for such a great site! Being an animal lover and being owned by three cats and a dog, this is definitely my favorite site to check out. It's the first one I go to in the morning and it's nice to know there are others out there who love their pets as much as I do. Even though my dog, Holly hasn't been picked yet,as the Pet of the Day, I will always be a loyal fan of your site!! Thanks so much!

      Laurel K.

   I love your site.

   One reason why I like to visit it is because I am an animal lover and think about how many animals there are out there with nobody to love them and then look at how many there are! And with this site you can see how many pets there are out there that have somebody to love them.

      abby b

   I love this Website it is very cool. My name is Kaitlyn Manning and I'm in 4th Grade and I have been looking at this Website since the summer of 2000. I've past this Website on to many of my friends. Every animal on here is VERY CUTE! I Love this Website. Well I hope you will read this and like it. Once again my name is Kaitlyn and I'm ten and in 4th grade at Holy Ghost Catholic School. Thank you and have a nice day. Bye.

      From Your Big Fan,
      Kaitlyn Joy Manning

      I just wanted to thank you for making such a cool animal site. I am a really big animal lover. I have three dogs. Animals are great!!!!!! When you see all of these stories of how other people love their pets as much as I do just makes me feel happy that not everyone is an animal abuser. Thanks.

      Kristin C.

   I found this page when I was first introduced to the internet at work, around 1997. I searched for Cats, and found you!! Since that day, every day at work I would read about the Cat, Dog and Pet of the Day and usually set one as my wallpaper of the Day! It became quite well known that anyone coming to my work space would see a different animal, and was a wonderful way to get to know a different side of the people I worked with.

   This site became my Daily Meditation, for I find a great spiritual comfort in the eyes of animals. I just got my own computer in 2001, and started reading the PetTalk area ( for some reason I was unsure whether I should view it at work, I work for the Gov't). I love it!!! I could talk about my beloved cat, and read not only about other people's pets, but their trials and joys, and even other aspects of their lives! It not only connects me to my fellow US citizens, it reinforces my belief that we are all citizens of this glorious planet!!

   Whether reading about a new kitten, a difficult time for injured pups, an important event in a fellow animal lover's life, or just finding out about each others interests, opinions and selves, this is a wonderful community!!!

   Underlying all the communications, there is a wonderful sense of love. It transcends age, gender, race and location!! WTG, PetTalk!!!!

      San Digeo, California, USA

   No matter how bad a day I have had, I always know there is a smile and a lift to my spirit when I check Pet/Cat/Dog of the Day. Pet of the Day is my homepage, so it is the first thing I see every time I log on to the web. It never fails to delight me. Thank you so much for this wonderful site. It is truly a life saver.

      Maryland, USA

   I LOVE your site, I visit it first thing every morning, it's one of my bookmarks!

   My husband and I have a chinchilla persian named Megan, and a chocolate lab named Jake. They are our "kids".

   Your site is dedicated to just pets, and I think that is wonderful! Pets are great companions, there are several days I will come home from a long day at work sitting at a computer just to drag my husband to our home computer, saying "honey, you have to see today's pet/dog/cat!

      Mr. and Mrs. Childers

   I love this site because it shows just how much people loves their animals. I started looking at it every day in 2004 and have gone back to look at all of the ones I missed. If I don't look at this site in the morning, then I usually find myself waiting anxiously to get home and look at it. If you ever think of ending this website, think again, because it is one of the highlights of my day.


   I really love your website. I like to read about other peoples pets. The stories make me happy. They start my day off in the morning and finish it at the evening. The story about a gerbil Apple really made me cry and happy at the same time.

   Thank you for your website.


   I love your site. It shows how much people love their pets and how much other people are missing bye not have a pet in their live. I have been so happy since I got my pet. She's adorable and I can't imagine life without her. She's with me every moment from when I wake up from when I go to sleep and even then she sleeps on my pillow!! I love her to bits!


   Hello from Atlanta!

   I just wanted to say that going your website is a wonderful highlight in my day and it truly a testament to how deep the bond between humans and animals can be. It truly is heartwarming to read all of the stories of tragedy and triumph that owners and pets go through. Being a cat fanatic, I love hearing stories and seeing pictures of other felines and learning about their unique personalities. I even get tips on food, toys, and behaviors! I must have looked through every cat dating back to 1997 and look forward to meeting new cats everyday! Thank you for doing such a service to animal lovers everywhere. I submitted my cats, Belle and Jordan, and am crossing my fingers in hopes they get picked, I would love for the world to meet them :) Thanks again, keep up the great work!

      Lauren from Atlanta


   I love your website. A friend of mine turned me on to it and it is now my first stop every morning.

   My husband and I have two birds. An African Grey Parrot named JOJO, and a Green Rump Parrotlet named Angel.

   They are the joy of our lives. They're there when you feel down, they make you smile at the smallest things, and they love you unconditionally. And how can you help not smile when they look at you and say "I Love You". We are in the process of getting another bird. Don't know what kind yet, but your web site is full of information on many different types of birds. This really helps. Keep up the good work.

      Mendota Heights, Minnesota, USA

   I check out "Dog of the Day" every day because I am a big dog lover and enjoy hearing about other people who are, too. (Makes me feel more normal, not like a freak.) Reading how other people and pets come to find each other genuinely interests me, and I like to hear about each dog's habits, likes and dislikes, and foibles. I have a dog and think she's the most special animal in the world, so when I read the vignettes about other dogs, and how their people think that those dogs and the most special animal in the world, I smile and understand.

      Brooklyn, New York, USA

   We had a cat more than a decade ago. Tootsie was a Himalayan, part Siamese and part Persian. We had to give her away because my husband is chronically allergic to cats. We can never have a cat again and I love'em.

   I put today's cat, Frieda, on the desktop of my Macintosh, and I'll see her every day when I come to work. And I'll put any other kitty who touches my heart there as well.

   Your site is my home page and brings me great joy. Thanks.

      Tel Aviv, Israel

   Dog of the Day has been my home page for about two years. We have a ten year old Golden who is the love of our lives, and I so enjoy reading about all the miraculous animals people have as pets. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!


   I have a guinea pig and a dog. I spend my whole day looking at animal sites, and finding this site is heaven. I love all the pictures over and over. I am nominating my pets soon.

   Hi, from Newfoundland, Canada and I own a long haired cat called Oreo, named because he is black and white. My niece, who is five years old, has a great time because when she eats oreo cookies, she tells my husband she is eating his cat, hahahahaha. My sister-in-law told me she tells everyone that.

   I just happened upon your website and think it is a great site. I have saved it in my favorites. Keep up the good work.


   I love your website. I think it is a wonderful place for people to tell other people about their pets and what makes them special. A lot of us pet owners want to tell people how great our pets are and this is the site to do it. I especially love all the guinea pigs and bunnies but everyone's pet is special. I like logging onto this site and reading what people have to say, whether their pet is a three-toed box turtle or a llama or a lory or cat or a dog. It makes me feel good that people love their pets so much, seeing as all I see these days is animal abuse and neglect.


   Because I love cats, all of them I love their very quiet company and enjoy their grace and elegance. Their subtle presence so far and so close to you in the same time are for me necessary and after the lost of my two cats...I'm so sad ! I look every day at your site....and I feel so happy to see all these cats so beautiful.

   They are all works of art....

      Paris, France

   I truly enjoy visiting your site everyday, as and animal lover and foster volunteer for small dogs,I think you are also doing a great service letting people see how satisfying it is to Love and be loved by your pets, It helps me on days, when I feel overwhelmed, knowing there are others who allow themselves to appreciate our pets.

      Indiana, USA

   I really like your site. I go to sleep every night wondering what dog will be there next and cats and others pets as well but, if you want my opinion I would say that whoever came up with this idea to post pictures on the web was a very good idea. I want to say thank you for doing this and making my day better and I hope to see my dogs picture on there thanks a lot.

      Amanda Post
      North Carolina, USA

   I love because hearing other people's experiences with their pets affirms my bond with all the animals I have owned and known and loved. These days I am especially concerned for animals in a global sense, whether it be for those caught in the fires of Australia, or in Afghanistan, or in puppy mills. I pray to make them safe.

      Wisconsin, USA

   I like Pet of the Day because I have cat that is my life I thought that I was the only person in the world that let a cat sleep on the foot of my bed at night.

      Marci. P.
      Tennessee, USA

   Pet of the Day is the internet page who really cares about your pets, thats why everybody visit it. When I have a problem with my pet I enter to this page because I know that here I have the answer for that problem. I like this page because here are a lot of pets' photos and I love animals. I think that this is the best pets' page. In this page you know the cares of any pet, thats the reason I like Pet of the Day. I always visit the Pet of the Day and I get info from all the pets and their lives.


   I just wanted to let you all know that I really enjoy your site. I go there every weekday morning and read the three Pets of the day. On Monday mornings I catch up on what I missed over the weekend.

   It starts my day off on a good foot to read about the cherished animals that touch so many lives. My father always had a dog as a pet and I have continued to do so as an adult. I have never been without one in my home and many in my heart. I now have a small managery of my own including a dog, a cat, birds, a turtle and a hamster! The wonderful thing about having a pet in your life is that they love you no matter what the circumstances.

   Sadly some people take advantage of their complete love and that breaks my heart. But there are many more people out there that are touched in so many positive ways.

   Thank you for your wonderful site. I know it must take a lot of work. Those of us out here greatly appreciate it!

      Lakeland, Florida, USA

   I look at your site daily. I enjoy learning about the more unusual pets that people have. I have learned so much about the intelligence of animals and the depths of their personalities. So many animals that we think of caged pets could have such a richer life if everyone read this site. I have two house bunnies and I enjoy reading the antics of all the small animals, and particularly knowing many of them have lots of room to roam in their owners homes. I also think its great that you focus on rescued animals.


   First, I'm very much thankful to my colleague Miss RANA who guided me to your nice website. Honestly, I was very much delighted to see those lovely pets' pictures while she was browsing them; especially those sweet young kitties.

   Immediately, I contacted my young daughter who is now in San Fransisco & told her about this good site that encourages people to take good care for the pets & how to value them.

    My best regards to you all there & happy day for all pets keepers.

      Yours Sincerely,

      Amman, Jordan

   Checking Pet of the Day is the first thing I do every day. I love seeing all the animals being loved by other people. It really warms my heart up. Whenever I check Pet of the Day I seem to have a much better day altogether. It is the one thing that brings my up when I am feeling down!

      Marie R.

   Cat of the Day is my start-up page because it always gives me a lift. I love cats, and dogs, and I am so impressed with how devoted people are to their pets. Pet talk is the best entertainment I have found, and the pillars seem like trusted friends. Thank you so very much for a wonderful, positive, and happy site.

   I was having one of those "down" days, and decided to check out your website. It was just what I needed to bring smiles and even laughter to my day!

   I was born a dog lover, and have four of my own. I miss them during the day while I'm at the office, so it helps to sneak a peek at Pet of the Day until I can get home to my own.

   Thank you so much for brightening my days!


   I was looking for Pet of the Day photos so I found your site today for the very first time and already I absolutely love it!! I enjoyed reading about other cats, few of which remind me of our beloved male tabby stray cat Yosef who, naturally, adopted us when he was about three months old, meowing as loudly as he can, alone, dirty and frightfully starved. Now he is a beautiful healthy six year old king of his domain! I hope one day I can send his photo.

   Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing! You already gave me a few joyful smiles for today! As an animal lover, I know I'll be visiting a lot!

      Milena, Israel

   Dear Pet of the Day,

   I have to tell you I really enjoy your site. I don't remember how I came across it, but since then I have bookmarked it and check it out everyday! I have two cats and always check the Cat of the Day first. I have also enjoyed checking the archives. If I had the necessary equipment I would send in my pictures of my two cats! What a great idea, I totally love reading about everybody's pets! Thanks.

      Judy M.

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