My name is Beth, and I am from northern Minnesota. I live with my 3 cats (Pepper, Mittens, and C.P) 3 dogs (Autumn, Boo boo, and Maggie) 2 horses ( Cisco and Austin) and 3 ducks. I love to ride horses, and show them, especially in Barrel racing, and other rodeo events. I spend a lot of my time (time not spent with my babies of course) exercising. I LOVE to run and play basketball. Normally running about 2 miles per day in the summer, it gets tough to run 2 miles in 3 feet of snow here in the winter .

What my name * Toby's my baby * stands for: when I first joined this fourm, me and my family, had a springer spaniel that was 4 months old, named Toby. We got him, and had him for a "trial period" to see if he would work out with our family, but at the time, he didn't. We were all devestated to see him go, but he is in a better place now. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Well, thats about it for me, my life isnt too interesting. .