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    My name is Rachel. I'm 21 and I'm hearing impaired. I have a cochlear implant. I had surgery in April of 2000 so I could be able to hear a lot more better than wearing hearing aids. And, you know what? I couldn't have been any more happier, I love the fact I can hear so much more now than before. I'm addicted to coffee, especially Starbucks. A lot of people who are my friends or know me around here knows I'm a huge, huge country music fan. Garth Brooks is my idol. I love Keith Urban, Montgomery Gentry, Martina McBride, Chris Cagle, Lonestar, Phil Vassar, and the list goes on. I'm also into rock/alternative/acoustic music too, like Howie Day, 3 Doors Down, Yellowcard, Coldplay, U2, etc. etc. I'm majoring in graphic design & I will be going to Ohio State in March, and I'm very excited about this new change. I want to work with the country music industry in Nashville someday. Anyways, it seems like my life is all about the music, it's true. I have two dogs, Anna and Rosie. Anna is a 8 yr. old grey Siberian Husky and Rosie is a 4 year old tri-colored Beagle.

    One last thing, my name "Countrywolf07" - Country cause' that's my favorite music genre, wolf, my favorite animal, and 07 is just my #.. I joined PT in April 2002.. after Amy (wolf_q) and Kay (Kmfar) begging me to join this board.

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    What great pictures of both your girls. On both, the eyes just draw you right in.

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    Oh yes these two babies are just adorable & those eyes just capture themselves..

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    Maybe it is the eyes (or the love with which the pictures are taken) but your girl always strike me as being such sweethearts.

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    Hi Rachel, I'm a country music fanatic myself. I love almost all country music. It's all I listen to but I do like some other music. I'm also addicted to coffee. Nice meeting you

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    Hi Rachel, nice pictures of your girls, they're so beautiful! Congratulations on your surgery, glad it helped you hear all that great country music better! One of these days you just have to bring them to a Findlay gathering!

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