Kitty up for Gas Euthanasia 2/20/06

Call The Gas Shelter 770-467-4772 to Adopt


She is available NOW in the Gas shelter. Her last day of Life will be 2/20/06 unless rescue is made.

If you can save this little girl please contact the number above

to adopt and email [email protected]

to help remove the kitty from the shelter for you.

Two Brothers #311 and #312 - their last day is Feb. 17

A06-313 - last day is Feb. 17

Very Nervous kitty, about 1 year old. A06-331 - last day is Feb. 20

In the past Save the Kitties has helped and rescued these cats and kittens from Spalding. Unfortunately our hands our tied - we have no funds, no room at foster homes and cannot find adoptive homes. Unless we get help in these areas we cannot rescue anymore cats. PLEASE help them if you can. Call the shelter and inquire about any of these animals. They deserve to have a chance at life!!