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Thread: My name is Sunni...

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    My name is Sunni...

    I don't recon this type of board being here before... anywoof, I thought I'd introduce myself to the new people Since most of the people that we already here know me, and if they don't, they can read this My name is Sunni and I am 15 years old, and I have a Pug named Alli. Here are some pictures of her.

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    You have a very pretty name Sunni.

    My daughter is constantly saying she wants a pug so I will have to show her photos of your little one
    Give 1 for a poundie

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    My Name is Sunni....

    Welcome to Pet Talk & enjoy the talks & pictures..
    Nice name Sunni & Alli is just adorable..

    ~~~Thank You Very Much {Kim} kimlovescats for the Grand Siggy~~~

    [[ Furr Babies are Like Potato Chips **** No One Can Have Just One ]]
    ****** Kindness, Mercy & Justice to All Living Creatures ******
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    ((( Each Day With Our Pets is a Surprise Package Waiting to be Opened )))
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    Hi Sunni... (beautiful name ) I didn't know too much about you, so I'm glad I found this thread.... Alli is such a cutie!
    Lola, the mutt, 2 years old

    Anita, the dachshund, 7 years old

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