Hi Everyone! I've been around for awhile, but for those old and new to Pet Talk, just a little bit about me.

My husband and I are owned by our 4 furry kids, hence the name furrykidsmother. They can be seen in my signature below. Garfield and Gidget are Mom & Dad to Fluffy and Rusty. Gidget got pregnant the night before Garfield was fixed, but I wouldn't change a thing and once they were born there was no way I could have given them up, so we have a nice well rounded family of 4, 2 boys & 2 girls. I love all my children. They are all beautiful and spoiled and their favorite food is Chicken.

I am fortysomething and live in Southern NH almost on the Massachusetts border. I am originally from California. I love to Antique hunt, I enjoy cooking and also eating out, love to find new restaurants to try, I also like to read and love to take rides up North to the mountains.

We have a number of "adopted" dogs from our neighborhood who come to visit on a regular basis and I love all animals. I grew up with German Shepherds, had a variety of hamsters and turtles and my RB kitty Tasha was also like a child to me. Although I haven't had the opportunity in awhile I love Horseback riding too!

Well, I guess that is enough about me.