My user name is my real name. I am a 59 year old mom of two and grandmom to one precious little 4 year old grandson. My daughter, Christiansmommy, also posts here and she is the mom of that special little boy and also has a greater swiss mountain dog of her own and two terrific kitties. This June there will be another grandson coming along.

I am a poodle nut and have been for over 30 years, having had 6 of them during my married life. Right now Bella and Ripley are my owners and pretty much have me wrapped around their paws. Bella is a 5 year old white standard and Ripley is a black mini, probably around 6 years old (vet's estimate) although we aren't really sure since I found him at a shelter where he had been turned in after found wandering the streets about 3 years ago.

I also have two kitties. My orange tabby's name is Trevor and he will be 13 years old next month. Andy is my little white sweetie and he will be 10 in April. They are the first cats I have ever owned and am amazed that I waited so long to experience life with cats.

I work part-time doing medical transcription for an ophthalmologist.