I am very fussy about my computer. Hubby might tell you I'm obsessed with it. Thats ok, it is MINE and have spent countless hours taking good care of it so I should have the right to be obsessive about it Its my machine, formatted my way and things are located where I need them.

I HATE when others use it. I will let them use it if they ask, but even then I'm a bit paranoid they'll change a setting or bring on a virus. I absolutely flip out if someone else used it without me knowing.... and I ALWAYS know when that happens. My family thinks I'm nuts.

Not only do I worry about them harming my machine, but I feel like my personal space has been invaded. Not that I have any secrets on here.... I still feel invaded when someone uses it.

How do you feel about others using your PC (or laptop, etc)

PS: Hubby has his own laptop and the girls share the PC in the livingroom. I just do updates on the PC and make sure its virus and spyware free. Hubby is on his own with the laptop