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Thread: Personal PCs

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    Personal PCs

    I am very fussy about my computer. Hubby might tell you I'm obsessed with it. Thats ok, it is MINE and have spent countless hours taking good care of it so I should have the right to be obsessive about it Its my machine, formatted my way and things are located where I need them.

    I HATE when others use it. I will let them use it if they ask, but even then I'm a bit paranoid they'll change a setting or bring on a virus. I absolutely flip out if someone else used it without me knowing.... and I ALWAYS know when that happens. My family thinks I'm nuts.

    Not only do I worry about them harming my machine, but I feel like my personal space has been invaded. Not that I have any secrets on here.... I still feel invaded when someone uses it.

    How do you feel about others using your PC (or laptop, etc)

    PS: Hubby has his own laptop and the girls share the PC in the livingroom. I just do updates on the PC and make sure its virus and spyware free. Hubby is on his own with the laptop

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    Heck, I don't care. I trust them and I trust myself to fix the computer if they screw it up. I did get a little grossed out when a family member surfed gay men porn on my computer. It took a while to get rid of all the cookies and links but I eventually got it back to "my" way. No harm - no foul. I guess I figure you have to pick your battles in life. And this is one that I'm too lazy to fight.
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    ask first and I want to be near. I dosn't happen often useally my daughter has no internet on hers bit the rest of us have net on ours.
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    MINE!! It's actually ok if someone has to use it but I'll be right there. I feel like it's my personal space being invaded

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    I don't mind people using our computer, but I HATE when they download sutff. Feel free to download whatever on your own computer - but 99.9% of the viruses we've gotten on our PC's have been from guests downloading things.

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    I don't mind, but it depends who it is too, and I would like it if they ask first. Some people I would worry they would download a bunch of crap and give me virus's or whatever. My dad occassionally puts stuff on my computer and uses it, without asking. I mean, he knows more about computers than I ever will, but I still would like it if he asked me.

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    I dont mind if adults use my computer to do something they need to do ,but dont like dowloading or installing of computer my stuff have let my grandaughter on and had to bar her. from it after

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    I'm fine with it so long as they ask. I have a friend who was living with a friend.. they ended up kicking him out, keeping his stuff, and selling everything at a garage sale without telling him. He tried coming over to pick his stuff up, but they refused, and then sold it, and now claim he never tried contacting them to pick it up (as their reasoning for selling it). So he doesn't have a computer and I let him use mine because I understand how it is to not have one (I went without one for years when my parents' broke. Until I built my own, that is ).

    But what DOES bother me is when they download and install all kinds of programs.... this same friend, I love him to death, but he installed AOL on my computer!!!!! I HATE that program! Its a leech, even if you uninstall it, it doesn't go away because it roots itself in your computer and is near impossible to get rid of. If they ask, its not a big deal... but.. AOL ugh.
    Not only that but he installed everything to my C drive and my C drive is JUST for my operating system.. everything else is on my D drive (which is also a much larger drive) so just.. grar.

    I suppose my mild OCD doesn't have anything to do with it, either lol


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    Well, I have a laptop - and I don't let anyone use it except myself. I'm very, very, very fussy about it.
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    I don't like people using my laptop unless if I know they're good with computers. My brother screwed up my last one so this one is hidden when not in use for fear of him using it again. One time there was a porno CD in my old one. My brother can be on a computer for 5 minutes and will have gotten lots of viruses. A lot of my friends are like that too, so my computer stays away from them.

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    I must admit I'm obsessive about my computers, I built them all except for the Macs and Nobody is going to touch any one of them! I have a couple of test machines built out of leftovers that are available if anyone really wants to play Solitaire but other than that, keep off my computers!

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    Well if someone wants to use my computer there is only 2 rules
    1. Don't get a virus worm or trojan.
    2. Don't break it.

    LOL (Better yet)
    1. Don't touch my keyboard
    2. Don't touch my Mouse

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    Well since it's only Mark and I, we share one computer and that works out fine for the both of us.
    Like Pam, I'd probably feel differently if there were kids in the house.
    I know when my niece was staying with us we ended up having all kinds of problems and got many viruses

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