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Thread: Birthdays?!?

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    This is a pretty stupid question but...
    What do you do for your dogs bday? We never did anything for our dogs growing up the only time they got spoilt just like the cats and horses did was at Xmas time......
    Presley is pretty spoilt now so i think if i did anything for her bday it would have to be pretty special!!! Hmmm I could plan a party my friend does own Presley's sister!!! Oh well it's November 11th so I have a long time to think up something

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    There are some ideas in this thread that may help:

    (My birthday is November 12th, pretty close!)
    Shiloh, Reece, Lolly, Skylar
    and fosters Snickers, Missy, Magic, Merlin, Maya

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    In January we had a Birthday party for Dixie when she turned 4. We invited her puppies and some friends. In all we had 13 dogs running around. It was wonderful!

    Dusty and the other pups will be turning one on May 2nd. Since Dixie is entered in a AKC hunt test that weekend, we are having a "Puppies First Birthday Party" on May 12th. All the pups are invited for CAKE, FROSTY PAWS, GAMES, TREATS and more! We will even have birthday hats for them to wear! It is going to be even more fun that Dixie's party was!!!!!

    We go to extreames for our dogs but I wouldn't have it any other way! After all they are part of the family!!!!

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    I can't belive how many November birthdays there are!!! Aly, I know three other people born on November 12! And Presley, we got Cincy on November 11th so that is a speical day for us too!

    Last year for Sadie's birthday she got to go to Dayschool twice in one week (I usually only take her once every 2-3 weeks) and she got a new basketball.

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    Good idea!

    Actually, we are going Birthday shopping for Sadie, today! Her birthday is April 25! We usually get her presents, and go to the park, on her B-day!

    Sarah & Sadie

    Kaitlyn (the human)
    Sadie & Rita (Forever in Our Hearts) (the Labbies)

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