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Thread: Introductions section?

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    Introductions section?

    I was just thinking - there are A LOT of newbie posts I miss because they post their "new here" threads in different places. Would it be possible to create an introductions section? What does everyone else think? Almost every other forum I visit has one, thought maybe it'd be a good thing for here too.

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    That is a great idea.
    I don't get to "surf" PT as often anymore, and don't know alot of the "newbies"
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    great idea. Hey Karen how about it?
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    i thought we had that..........well on the older version of PT i think i saw it somewhere here but i cant recall..........anyway it would be nice to have it since they are a LOT of newcomers everyday and i miss some of them too, some just get so noticeable you cant miss them but this way everybody gets to know them bettter....
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    If there was a section for that, people could also introduce their fur-kids there, also- just so no one misses that either.....

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    I think that is a great idea

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    and in order! thought of that but as of general sticky or here, this ('other') forum? I think I'm at least lucky.

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    Yes, I think that is a great idea. I know that on another forum I use that as a reference. Even if someone hasn't posted in a while you can nip back to the Introductions and refresh your recollection.

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    I LOVE that idea! It could really help.

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    This is a great idea as I am new here too! I have been coming on Cat of the day however for around 2 years now but never posted.
    Well then I shall introduce myself, I am 27 years old, I live in Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom with my boyfriend Kevin and our two 'kits' Jack and Sunny. They are both tabby and white and came from a Cats' Protection shelter in South Wales.
    Their history was a little sketchy, but from what we learnt their previous owner was elderly and had died. They were very thin and emaciated when they were brought in apparently as they had been overlooked a few weeks by their owners family.
    They told us they were around 9 years old, but didn't know if they were exactly the same age. I do however think they were of the same litter, as they are very close, they clean eachother, play fight and spend most of their time together, therefore I think they must be brother and sister.
    We had some health problems with Jack at the beginning due to them being starved, he was sick a lot, and had anti-biotics etc.
    Now we've had them a year and half and they are totally settled with us, and are very happy and not so skinny anymore!!
    Jack is very much the lap cat and follows me everwhere...and even gets on my back as you can see from the picture below
    Sunny is more for my boyfriend and is his little lady, she flirts with him and would prefer for him to rub her belly than me!
    So it worked out we have one each which is exactly what we wanted
    I have posted some pictures of them in another topic in the Catoftheday section.

    Jack on my back!

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    Great idea Kay! I belong to another board which also has an Introduction section. I was so happy when I first posted there and got so many responses. It's hard to see who is new here sometime.

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    That's a great idea! Think of all the new friends we're gonna make!!
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    GREAT IDEA! I seem to miss a lot of the newbies too.
    I'd love to be on the welcome wagon committee!

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
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    It has been created! See here!

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    Thanks Karen!
    I've been Defrosted!

    Thanks for the great signature Kay!

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