Most of you know about that girl who has been bugging us. Well, me,Jenna,and Or friend Yi were walking past her friends house. One of her friends(who is in sixth grade) came up to Jenna(I_luv_rusty) and pushed her and pulled her hair. Jenna kicked her for self defense. Molly(The a$$ who is bugging us all the time seprated them. Well, Molly then goes "YI! go back to China B****!" for no reason. We come back from BK and try ignoring them. The crowd around us saying "Leave courtneys cats alone." This courtney is another little loser who is a friend of Mollys. She is in fourth grade. Anyway, she said " DON'T pick up my cats." WE NEVER DID! The cat was following us. Also, if you let your cats roam outside then get used to people touching and petting them. I don't care what they say. I'm touching any cat I want when I want. Molly has already lost SEVEN friends to this fight and shes losing more soon. Also, Danielle(another girl) RANG MY DOORBELL LOOKING FOR ME!