Hi PT'ers.

Lillycat attends church with someone that knows these people. This is very sad. I know PT prayers can and do work miracles!

We have had a horrible tragedy within our school. A teacher that works at Jamestown Elementary, Rhonda Hale, currently has two sons fighting for their lives at a hospital in Lexington, KY. The two boys were riding their ATVs after church on Sunday. Austin, a 10 year old was on a dirt bike, and Ethan, a 16 year old, was on a 4-wheeler. The two boys collided with one another head-on. They WERE wearing helmets but the injuries sustained were still massive. They were flown to UK Children's Hospital where teams of doctors began working on them immediately. Ethan has broken every bone in his face and has lost his left eye. The first of many surgeries was done to begin repairing the damage. He is nothing but metal from the chin up. Currently, fluid is gathering at the back of his brain and more surgery is going to need to be done to remove it. Austin has yet to regain consciousness. He has been unresponsive since the accident and doctors are saying that it is a miracle that he even made it to the hospital. A shunt has been placed in his head to reduce fluid and swelling. He has multiple injuries including 2 crushed vertebrae, broken limbs and a pelvis that is broken in half, which cannot be operated on until more is known about his head injuries. Both boys are on feeding tubes and have developed fevers. As you can imagine Rhonda's world has been shattered. Her boys are all she has left and she is devastated, as any mother would be. She has requested that any willing person please pray for her sons. The school is also requesting that cards be sent to the boys. We are trying to get cards sent from all over the country so that the boys, as well as Rhonda, have something to look forward to daily. The cards are going to be kept and counted so that Austin, Ethan and Rhonda can see just how many people have been praying for them. If you could, please send a card to the address below and then forward this e-mail to anyone and everyone you know. At this time, prayer is the best medicine for these youths.

Ethan and/or Austin Hale
UK Children's Hospital
800 Rose Street
Lexington, KY 40536