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Thread: adopting a bassador puppy

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    I'm afraid...

    I'm afraid this may be a newer designer dog. Maybe not yet, but soon, as I've seen quite a few around here. When looking for a puppy for my aunt, there was a bassador at the local shelter not too long ago. Very nice dog, but not for them.

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    This thread is old. I am posting to point out that these "bassadores" you all are talking about are Basset Hound/Lab mixed. Not a Bassadore. There is no such this as a Bassadore.
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    I have a bassador!! Its not an official AKC breed but it is done purposely (sometimes) just like a labradoodle or cocka-poo. I think mine came from an accident.

    Mine is sooo great. They are prone to leg problems like many bassets. A site I saw said they usually have the body proportions of the basset and the coat of the lab. I have searched pics on the net and many look just mine. He's solid yellow with the basset face, body. Has in-between ears and doesn't have skin as saggy as a bassett but a little more than a lab. He looks like a midget lab. I have literally stopped traffic when walking him and had all five vet assistants lined up just to see him when I came in. He's so funny looking but people are drawn to him and he loves it.

    Mine does not run off when I walk him off the leash but doesn't stay right with me. I used to live way out where I could let him run in the woods all day when I was home. He always came back, but my sister's beagle does not...he's been lucky so far.

    Mine is very smart and tends to be an escape artist. He minds well and I hardly ever have to get on to him. But...he has some of the stubborn bassett. Occasionally he just does what he wants to and ignores me.

    Mine LOVES water like a lab but I have to watch him in deeper water because bassetts aren't supposed to be great swimmers. I haven't been brave enough to test his limits.

    He is playful, but is great in the house (FYI bassetts have short hair but shed A LOT) He's great with other dogs, people, and loves kids. I wouldn't trade him for the world.

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    My Honeygirl is a Beagle/Lab mix. She definatley is a hound and will follow her nose, however, she has enough obedience to come when called (most of the time). She can be extremely stubborn, but has never once run away on us and she is off the leash frequently, however, she is never left alone outside for too long or else her nose will get the best of her.

    As long as you train the puppy right and be very observant when off the leash, I trust this can be an excellent dog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by k muench View Post
    He is a mix of lab and basset, and is available @ the local animal shelter. I haven't visited him yet (on purpose -- don't want to let emotion get in the way!), but will see him today. I understand the obedience thing, but "having a scent hound x retriever instinct to hunt and explore could be too much for an offlead area" is exactly what I am concerned about. Obviously some mutts are harder/or impossible to get trained to an acceptable level.
    I have read that if the dog looks more like one of the breeds, its characteristics are like that breed. In my case, it's true. My dog is a Shih-tzu x Bichon and she looks like a Bichon. She has all the Bichon characteristics - lively, happy, friendly, likes to bark etc. But my dog isn't a great example as both breeds are quite similar in terms of temperament. But if it's more lab, then maybe the scent hound won't be as much of a problem as you think.
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    Basset/Black lab mix

    We adopted a rescue bassador. He's the best dog I've ever owned. Besides our Yellow lab which is his best friend. Granted we got him at the age of 5 he is the most laid back dog I've ever seen. He is a lounge hound inside the house but loves to chase a ball outside. Has a lot of energy when it comes to swimming. And boy does he love to swim. We live in the city and don't have really large yard but does well staying within our property. When we take him up north he sticks pretty close to us and doesn't chase animals at all. Does want to sniff around a lot but never runs off. My experiences up north, he does wonder ahead but never takes off out of sight. Only thing so far that we have to watch out for is his weight. Little legs with a bigger body gets hard after a long period of time running and chasing his ball. Over all our dog had really good people that took him in after the rescue. Great with kids. And very affectionate. I think you would have good luck with one! I know we did!

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    I had a basset golden mix.

    He was laid back, smart, very obedient. He had a great big bark that would which probably was a great security factor when I was living alone. Best dog in the world. He was a rescue and lived 14 years. He weighed about 55 lbs. As he got older he had trouble with stairs, but only the last few years. He was fine on stairs until then and enjoyed the exercise.

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    I bet his bark sounded like he was 4 times the size he was! Lots of people have been fooled by the size of the bark of a Bassett - never mind the bays! And I am sure he was pretty, too! Was he a howler?
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    Love my Bassador!

    I know this is an old thread, but I just want to post here in case anyone googles 'Bassador' (there are many people out there who have them as companions and refer to them as such) because they're thinking about adopting one of these wonderful, social dogs. If you're interested in shelter pets, or in hearing about the qualities that these dogs share, the number of online groups dedicated to this mix have been increasing since we adopted ours. Here's a good group on facebook:

    Bassadors - The best dogs ever!

    Our boy was an 'accident' between a chocolate lab and a Basset, but I'm very glad he's with us and I would not hesitate to adopt another one if I had to do it again. At the dog park he is always the friendliest, most social dog in the bunch. At home, he takes on Basset traits and becomes very docile and loving. He's easy to train & very intelligent, but has a little bit of a stubborn streak. LOVES the water, swims like a champ, comes when called, never gets too far ahead on the hiking trail (we taught him to 'wait' when he was younger), and he does not have an aggressive bone in his body. He loves children & gets along with our cats, who have learned not to spark his prey drive by walking very slowly past him. Goofy, sweet, and very charming. People ALWAYS want to know what his mix is and he usually elicits smiles from everyone he meets.

    High praise for this mix. If you like Bassets and Labs, you will LOVE the Bassador!

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    My Bassador is scent driven

    I have had a Bassador for 7 years, and I have learned that I simply cant trust him off leash and not fenced in. If he sees any small animal run (squirrels, cats, another dog, rabbits, moles, voles, even birds) he will run after them without once thought or ounce of common sense. My calls, whistles will be ignored. He is very responsive to commands when on a leash, which lures you into a false sense of confidence. I have also had the leash jerked right out of my hand when he comes across a rabbit. They really are a scent driven breed. His nose is too the ground during the walks, they remind me of Beagles. I love my Bassador, excellent personality, friendly, likes children and is patient.

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    umm i do think you should get one they are precious i have 2 one black one brown i have one thing to say though DO NOT get a brown one. They are viscous they attack and they are crazy.

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    Color has nothing to do with temperament.

    Besides, they're mutts, they may be mutts with known parent's, but they're still mutts, not bassadors, jackabasselopes, whatever.

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    melcheck- just got a new "bassador".. nanner175- rescued one... and inekaGuerra - has a basset golden mix.. and mabear "loves her bassador".. and they all joined the site briefly and posted once... on this thread..
    Then Bassador4me convienantly comes around.... then lalagirl12 puts in her two cents about coolors of dogs effecting temperment lol.. Maybe its just me.. but I smell a "troll" ....

    forgive me if I'm wrong
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    Quote Originally Posted by k muench View Post
    Hey you bassador owners! I'm thinking of adopting a basset/black lab mix.
    I love lab mutts and have one now and have had several in the past, but am weary of some of the basset hounds characteristics ---- particularly wandering off. I live a very active outdoor (unleashed) lifestyle and this could pose a problem for me and my new dog. Also have lots of wild critters cruising my property begging to be chased. Have any of you had this problem with this mixed breed? Or any other issues for that matter. Are they affectionate? gentle? health issues? I'd love anything you could share.
    You should adopt it, this mix is the best mix you can have. I have one and they are loyal, friendly, (as you raise them) they are very propertorial they know what toys, etc. belong to them. The are also the same way with the owner, they protect you and any other pet or animal that get in his space with you involved they will let them know it in a nice way. Its all in how you raise them they are the BEST dogs I have ever had. I would never trade or sell him He is like my child and he knows he is loved by all our family. You can train him, but be firm he understands and they are are so smart, emotional and he will sleep inside at night and in the morning he goes out to potty, you have to keep him on a schedule and dont feed him too much, we feed him 2x a day, 1 in the morning 1 at night. I don't leave him out during the night due to skunks etc. but mostly he IS an inside pet, he sleeps at the entrance to my bedroom, because I have a gate to keep my noisy chihuahua in our bedroom, and my bassador DUKE lays at the gate with his eyes on me and watches every move I make, but as long as he knows where I am he is at ease and in the morning I get up and he is on my recliner, he jumps down to greet me and he SMILES, yes, smiles so beautiful it makes my day. I give him treats after I tell him to sit, he does, then I say lay down, he does, I lay the treat in front of him on the floor and tell him dont touch, he doest until I say get and point, he gets it and is very happy. I love this Duke. Hope this helps.

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