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Thread: Do any of you have prayer requests??

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    I also read the messages and thought it appeared that he physically assaulted her. I am happy to see that wasn't the case.

    Prayers going out to all who need them for any reason.

    I will miss you forever, my sweet Scooter Bug. You were my best friend. 9/21/1995 - 1/23/2010
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    Whatever happened to Robin, I hope she is out of the hospital soon. (((hugs))) and prayers for her.

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    Thank you for clearing that up. I hope they are able to help the infection in her eyes while she is there - that's scary, and painful.

    Robin will be in our prayers, and thank you, Staci, for clearing things up for us.

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    Would everyone please pray for my son, Dylan. He is going through very hard times right now.

    He is currently in placement at a state juvenile correctional facility, for various small infractions, nothing big or violent. He was hoping to be released and be able to come home at the end of February. However, the judge sentenced him to six more months. His beloved grandfather passed away on Saturday. He feels like he let his grandpa down, and wasn't here for his last Christmas. I know there are many things he would have wanted to say, and he didn't get the chance. He is going through this alone, with no family there to support and help him. He also has to have surgery this week. He will be all alone for it, no one there with him but an employee of the facility.

    He is beyond distraught over all this, and is currently on suicide watch. He is sixteen years old.

    Please pray for him.

    Thank you.
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    I will pray Robin will be okay. ((((Robin))))
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    Prayers for Dylan - poor lad! Is there a chaplain who could maybe visit with him? Are you allowed to phone him?

    HUGS and prayers that there will be someone to comfort him.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Prayers and kindest thoughts for Robin and for Dylan! I do hope you are at least able to phone Dylan and tell him he is loved.
    Lilith Cherry
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    Bless his heart - we will all be praying for him
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    Medusa I'm sorry to hear about your son, I pray he will be doing better soon.

    Twisterdog, I'm also sorry to hear about your your dad passing away & son. I know how hard it must be for him, being so young and all. I hope his surgery goes well. You and your family will be in my prayers.

    I talked to Robin yesterday and she is in her words "not well" The way she talks really upset me. She really feels her life isn't worth living any more.
    Not a good thing to talk to her before I went to work.I'm not sure if I'm more mad or sad for her

    Thank you all for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. She could use as many as she can get.

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
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    that is so very sad that Robin feels not worthy enough to live.
    I am also sorry for not realizing that this was her problem.
    I thought she was physically abused,glad I was told otherwise.sorry for the misunderstanding.

    i hope she realizes how important she is in this world.
    we all are...each and every one of us.
    we all have different purposes for being here.if she could just find something to look forward to after she gets would be a wonderful postive outlook for her.something she could think about doing for others after she gets herself healed.

    Thank You Kim for this wonderful siggy

    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power ,the world will know peace" jimi hendrix

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    I checked this thread earlier this morning and just couldn't respond. How very sad. Twisterdog, I will pray for your son, he is so young to go through this alone. Anna, please tell Robin that we all love her and need to have her take care of herself; prayers continuing for Robin.

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    My thoughts and prayers are w/you and your son, Twisterdog. He may feel alone but, as we know, we are never truly alone.

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Anna, I hope Robin is still in the hospital and getting care!

    Again, Twisterdog, I hope someone turns up that is a real friend to your son; and I hope he knows that you are there with him, even not in person.

    Mary, haven't been to your thread about your son yet, but prayers that all turns out well!

    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Quote Originally Posted by anna_66

    I talked to Robin yesterday and she is in her words "not well" The way she talks really upset me. She really feels her life isn't worth living any more.
    Not a good thing to talk to her before I went to work.I'm not sure if I'm more mad or sad for her

    Thank you all for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. She could use as many as she can get.

    I agree Anna. Prayers are about the only thing that can work in this
    sad situation. I know, been there,done that. I'll keep Robin in my
    thoughts and prayers.
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    Thinking of Robin - and offering lots of prayers for her mental and physical health.

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