I know I haven't been around here long and don't come around much, but my grandmother needs prayers.

Two days ago she suffered a severe stroke. My poppop found her that evening when he came home from work and rushed her right to the hospital. No one knew when during the day it happened; my dad thinks it was in the morning since he found toast and coffee on her table in the apartment from breakfast. The doctors said they wouldn't know if she would be okay until the received back test results that next day (which was yesterday.)

I went back to the hospital after work yesterday. The nurse said there was no activity on the right side of my grandmom's brain, meaning she might not be able to breathe, eat/drink on her own. There was an option to unhook her from the machines she was on, which was giving her oxygen and nutrients, to see if she could do it herself. The nurse did warn us that many people painlessly die within a half hour. So the chances were very slim. The whole family came together and made the decision to do it, either she would make it or she would be at peace in Heaven. My poppop asked for a priest to come before anything happened. We all stood around her bedside and prayed. Then the nurse took everything out. My grandmom was not only breathing on her own, but she was wiggling her toes and moving her hand as well as squeezing it. This gave everyone hope. Miraculously, an hour passed and nothing wrong happened. The nurse hooked her back up with medicine because she felt there could be progress.

It was so scary seeing my grandmother like that. So sudden too, it shocked everyone. It was nice to see her whole family there: her children, her grandchildren, brothers and sisters, and friends. She's really the person in our family that brings everyone together. I'm trying so hard to remain optimistic. She's a very strong woman, she has to pull through.

Please hold my grandmother in your prayers.