Today I'm asking your prayers for my son, Mike. He will be going to the Dominican Republic as a missionary. The weekend before Christmas, Mike told me that he wanted to start coming to church with me. Prior to that he completely rejected the idea. An Elder in our church and her husband established a mission outside of Santo Domingo in 1998, last week Debora spoke to the congregation about the mission and shared some pictures. Shortly after we got home that day, Mike told me he wants to go down there to help out. This past Sunday we met with Debora and our Pastor to discuss this. Mike said it's time to use his God given talents and abilities to help others. Pastor Karen said she'll do his commission to go. There's no date set for when he'll be going and right now we're working out the details.

This is a huge step for Mike and I'm very proud of him for even considering going. Please hold Mike in your prayers as he sets off to do God's work.