Oh my that is so Horrible.. Sending Lots of Prayers From Texas.. May God Be Blessing Your MIL's Friend..

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I have a prayer request from my MIL.

Her dear friend found out yesterday that she has tumors on her spine. she was rushed into Surgery right away. They told them before the surgery that she could very well come o ut of it paralyzed.

She is out of surgery and is stable. her spine is very brittle though and it's still touch and go. The tumors were wrapped around her spine.

They think that she may also have breast cancer and the tumors in her back may be breast cancer spreading or it could be another cancer.

This is my MIL's dearest friend of many years. As you can imagine she is a wreck upon hearing this news. I can't imagine what the rest of her family is going through.

so prayers please for our friend, her family and my MIL. Thank you