This morning it was decided for Mom to have surgery - I got a phone message from a nurse asking if I could there there ASAP so Mom and I could meet before her surgery.

I got there about noon. She was taken to the OR at 1:40 - I was allowed to be in the pre-op area. By 4:30 pm she was in recovery; don't know how long she was there.

I waited til she was in her room at about 20 to 6. Apparently everything went well, no complications. I'll find out more tomorrow.

Came home finally and was locked out of my apartment. Long story, but all resolved now.

Prayers for my mom would be great.

Also, with work and mom and other life stuff, I am pretty stretched at the seams. I've had a few crying jags and will likely have a few more. But Mom will be ok, that's the important thing.

When the surgeon introduced himself to her this morning and explained what was going to happen she said, "I hope you had a good night's sleep." He wasn't quite sure what to make of that remark....

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Prayers to all who need them.