I am so sorry to read this, and your family will be in my prayers. A stroke is a terrible thing to experience. My brother had a massive stroke at 59, and passed away from complications of it after 5 years. After the stroke, he was never able to work another day in his life. He and his wife had just relocated to a new area, and he wasn't long on his new job when stricken, and his wife had just started her new job a few days before. They had no medical insurance that would cover the enormous expenses incurred, but they did get some sort of government assistance. Of course my brother qualified for disability, and I believe that his wife also got some sort of assistance, since she quit work to care for him at home. They lived in FL, so there might have been programs offered there that aren't available in NY - I can't say for certain. I'd advise your aunt to haunt every agency she can possibly think of, and leave no stone unturned. Sorry I can't be of more help than that.
Again - my prayers to all of your family, but especially your aunt and uncle at this very difficult time.