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Mac was loose running beside the team on Monday morning,
something he has done for four years without any problems.

Mac was not being aggressive, he was playing (tail up, playbowing ect),
but his behavior was towards a small child and therefore completely unacceptable.

... the mother grabbed her dog
(unsuccessfully, I might add, as the dog got into the team
and Tehya has a puncture wound on her leg from him)

No one besides Tehya was injured.
The child was scared but physically unharmed.

Sounds to me like BOTH the humans had a "dog running loose" ...
But YOUR'S wanted to *play* ...
HER'S jumped into your CONFINED team and picked a fight - injuring YOUR CONFINED dog.

Two wrongs may not make it right; but YOU should not be the one to shoulder
any more blame, nor consequences to your dog (Mac) - HE wasn't the aggressor!

Sure hope the Animal Control Folks see this the same way I do!
Stick to the Facts in your statement - and don't "offer" to accept punishment -
make THEM think of that.

Maybe we better call God again ...