Robin-I am terribly sorry your going through this.keep in mind that you DO need a restraining order and still need to watch yourself even should try to keep yourself around at least 1 other person for at least a year.i know it sounds extreem...but these kind of men are very dangerous.I too was in a marriage a long time back with a very scary man.
i also have been through the mill with other very scary men.
no more though (thank God) but i have done my share on reading about these type guys and feel i know what to look for when just talking with a male for the first time.
by the way...most men are very very's those few that you need to look out for.
And of course it goes the other way around too with scary woman.(not to exclude the other sex)
(i don't want to get in trouble
Anyway...take the advice on never being alone as much as's very important.