Recently my grown son came home with a rag-tag little pup that our family was not ready to accept as yet. We had just lost our precious Casey to the tires of our speeding neighbor's truck and the new pup just came along at the wrong time. Unable to find a new home for him and none of the org. were willing to take him, he stayed on. I had him checked for Parvo and wormed along with treated for early mange. Christened Jake by my son, he became part of the household and I thought it time to go ahead and get his shots if he was going to stay on. We have not had any Parvo in our home our yard that I am aware of, but somehow he came down with Parvo last week. Wed. he was not himself and Thursday he was just plain sick. Friday morning, I took him to the vet and it only took a short time for the diagnosis. Today is now Friday again and he has not improved in the least. He is on IV feedings and is still unable to stop vomiting. The vet is not allowing us to see him at all. She is not very sociable and often downright mean to humans. Great to animals- but bedside manner is not her thing for sure. I am starting to fear he will not get well and perhaps I am doing him a disservice to continue when he is so sick. Today when I called the vet didn't even talk to me and I was told to call back in the morning. We are upto some serious dollars at this point, but that is really not the issue here. I will come up with it somehow. I just do not think I should continue if he is suffering and not getting any better. They have just told me each day that he is no better, but no worse. I do love the little fellow and I cannot bear to see him this way. He was so attached to me, that I just know he must wonder what has happened to him and where I am. I know they do not think logically, but I know they grieve over people they love. Jake followed me from room to room here at home. I feel that the vet should let me see him. I am so sorry, I used this vet and not my normal one. She is a vet that does all the low cost spay and neuter in our area. I really appreciate her doing this and I tried to give her my other business. I know she is a really good vet and she does wildlife rehab as well. Her office manager is sour and rude as well. Please keep Jake in your prayers. He is a sweet little man of mixed lineage. I see choc. lab with webbed toes and something else. He is by far the wildest pup I have ever seen. I pray he will be again.