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Just when I think I'm hitting rock bottom, I realize that other people have it so much worse. if it's not too selfish, prayers would help for my John to finally find a decent job. He spent the last 2 years, after his last job ended, helping me take care of my mother at home and then took loving care of me as I recovered from 2 surgeries. He's so giving to other people that he ignored his own needs.

My prayers are for all of you, always, especially my dear friend, Robyn and her family, Also healthy babies for other PTers and their families (who have not made it public knowledge) and of course for all of you and yours, who are ill or recovering- a life changing situation.
Oh Karen, thats not selfish, I pray the lord will undertake in for your John and help you all , when you hit bottom theres no where to go but up..your in my prayers to..God is there just reach out and hold on..PJ