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Thread: Look at this handsome boy!

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    Look at this handsome boy!

    I voulnteer my time for the animal shelter here (dont worry its a dont PTS shleter) so some animals have been there for a long long time. but there was one cat that i clicked with so much..isnt he a handsome boy?

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    He's a beauty.
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    Yes! He is a very handsome boy!! Hopefully, he will find a good home fast!!

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    He is so handsome. I have a soft side for orangies. What's his story....why at the shelter so long? Such a handsome baby like that, you would think he would have a good home by now.

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    The guy i work with told me that a lady from Californa came and took pictures of him, to be in the next 9 lives commerical, but the lady said his eyes werent yellow enough.
    Mommy's Little Girl

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    Hes been there for about 2 weeks now, or so. He was resused from the bar here, in this little town. the bar fed him beer and grease and greasy foods, so when they fed him cat food he acted funny, but hes fine now, he just needs attention, he just wants to cuddle. im talking to my parents to see if they woud want him, hopefully, i love this boy and i just met him I never thought i would fall in love with another cat, besides kitty but he was the only one at the shelter that caught my eye. My sweet angel kitty sent him to me
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    He is a beautiful guy.

    I uderstand you so well. I also volounteer to a home-rescue, and I love all the kitties, but I have my favorites. Amongst them, there is a cute orangie with feline leukemia, Romeo. He and his buddy Max have their own room and piece of garden, completely separated from the other ones. Everytime I see them, I can't help thinking it could be the last time I see I do my best to make them happy when I am here. They are three years old, and they were born with the leukemia , but up to now they are OK except some minor infections now and then.

    Good luck at the shelter What's the name of this orangie?

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    Ooh! What a beautiful big orangie boy! Of course I have a soft spot for orangies - no not prejudiced at all I do hope you get to make him yours! Just look at those cute turkey toes!

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    He is very adorable .... orangies are usually always sweethearts!
    I'm so glad that your shelter is no-kill, and that you are able to help with the rescues there. I understand how hard it can be, especially seeing the Feline Leukemia positive ones, but what you are doing is a great service to them!
    I hope you can find a home for this sweet orange boy soon!

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    OH boy, sorry i forgot to iclude his name. This is Vincent.
    Mommy's Little Girl

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