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    Pepper - Of course!

    Pepper is our little daredevil kitty. It's like they forgot to install a self-preservation chip in her. This little girl will launch herself off of decks and balconies and roofs ! If she's unsupervised for just a moment -- she's in danger. If she was a person, she'd be a rock-climbing, sky-diving, bungie-jumping, adrenaline junkie kind of person. She likes to climb as high as possible to watch over things. I snapped some quick pictures of her yesterday. She climbed the towels hanging on the towel rack then jumped as far as she could and pulled herself to the top of the door. Now, she missed the first time and splatted to the floor. I made sure she wasn't hurt and she tried again. The second time she met with success! She looks pretty pleased with herself, dontcha think?

    I should add, that meowmie was the one who climbed a chair to get her down. She wasn't too happy about it, but I didn't want to risk her jumping down and hurting herself.

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