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Thread: two more adoptions!

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    two more adoptions!

    Two more Cat Sense kittens have furever homes! I'm So glad. We had the cages decorated in black & gold and they were sitting on Terrible Towels, in anticipation of a Steeler victory over the Broncos. GO STEELERS!

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    What cute ideas for the cages! Congrats on the new homes!
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    CONGRATULATIONS to the kitties that got their furrever homes! May they live long, healthy, happy lives with their new people.

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    Wonderful news! I always love to hear stories of kitties getting adopted, always makes me smile.

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    Lovely to hear of more cats adopted. I'd love to adopt all the homeless and unwanted cats in the world but I think I'd need my own country to do it!

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    Congratulations! Two more kitties in happy homes, to bless those families for years to come!

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    Wonderful! That's great that they were adopted! (but i'm a bronco fan! )

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