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Thread: Question about housebreaking a puppy

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    Question about housebreaking a puppy

    Hi everyone! No I didn't get a puppy but my friend has a 14 week old male Boxer puppy who won't quit peeing on the wood laminate floor in the dining room. She says he will go outside when taken but will still go on this one floor (which is brand new and installed about the time they got him a few weeks ago). She said he will use pee pads when they are on that floor but if she tries to move the pads to the kitchen he will go just on the dining room laminate floor again.

    Any suggestions of how to break him of this or what might be wrong? I've never had a puppy that young and it's been 13 years since I had to train Disney - she was already over a year old.

    Thanks for any help.

    From Decker with Love

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    I hoped you got a puppy! I practically tripped over my fingers to click...

    Unfortunately it is probably soaked in the wood now and since they like to go to the same spot over and over..... When Keegan was a puppy she kept peeing on the hardwood spot that my old furnace had been in. I just had a rug over it. She kept peeing on it and peeing on it. So my parents ended up painting Kilz over it several times and covering it with carpet and no problems with it since. Of course I understand you can't do that with hard wood flooring.
    She might try calling the place that installed it they might have an idea.
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    I agree with shais_mom. However if it is laminate or something non-porous there may be some hope.

    First thing is to get rid of the puppy pads. Even though the dog is supposed to potty just on them it is still teaching the dog that it is ok to potty in the house.

    Second I reccomend a crate. I used one for the first time with Kaige & I'll tell you it was a housebreaking miracle. The best choice I ever made. For a large breed dog as a puppy I reccomend the kind with the divider panel, it allows the cage to grow with the dog. At first keep the area as small as possible. Only barely enough room for the dog to stand, turn & lay down. A dog generally does not like to soil in their sleeping quarters.

    Third, have her get some natures miracle or another product that is desinged to elimate ALL orders of urine & feces, not cover them up. NM was studied and it is now known as the best-known enzymatic stain and odor remover on the market. Eliminates urine odors completely with no perfume cover-up odor.

    Fourth would be to limit the amount of free roam the puppy has. Perhaps she can gate off a room for the pup when she can not be right there to watch his every move. Or even tie a leash right to her with the dog on the other end. At that age, especially during housebreaking you really need to watch the pup at all times. If you can't that is where the crate comes in mighty handy.

    Fifth would be to make sure she is training the right way. Make sure she ALWAYS goes outside with the pup. Do not play, look at or pet the puppy until after he has eliminated. I find that giving the dog a potty command works great (and will come in mghty handy for trips, vet appointments etc...). I tell my dogs to "go potty". Once they potty PRAISE like crazy.
    If the dog in known to go outside then goes again soon after you come inside it is best to bring the dog inside then minutes later bring him back out.

    Do not punish the dog for eliminating in the house unless you catch him in the act. Even if you catch them seconds later it will do no good, it will only confuse the dog.

    Sixth, obedience classes. A basic/puppy class would be great. A reputable trainer will help with basic puppy problems (housebreaking, chewing etc...) they will also teach your dog basic manners, help socialize the pup & help build the bond between dog & owner.

    seventh, patience & persistance.

    I wish her good luck... maybe she'll be our next new member?
    Soar high & free my sweet fur angels. I love you Nanook & Raustyk... forever & ever.

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    Clean it with Natural's Miracle. Most things won't get the urine smell out and he will keep wanting to pee there. Natural's Miracle gets that smell out. Wood Laminate usually holds up really well, it shouldn't hurt the floor any if they get the pee up quickly. Pee Pads aren't always a good idea either, they allow him to go in the house. They should try crate training him.
    - Kari
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    Sorry about that - I do wish I had a new doggie addition but I've promised hubby to wait until we get more land so I can get a larger breed next time. Although I have been checking out my local animal shelter online and they have a couple of lab mixes I'm in love with by their pics and description. Some day...

    Thanks for the advice I will pass it on to her. I did suggest she try crate training him but she wasn't sure what all that means. I'm going to print off your replies and then find her some info on crate training to print off also. Currently she's without internet connection.

    From Decker with Love

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    Just to add to the already given advice...

    Make sure she is taking the puppy out CONSTANTLY. After eating, after playing, after napping, after drinking, etc, etc.

    I'd say every 15 minutes or so.

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    Thanks Kay. I've wondered if she is taking him out frequently enough. I'll tell her what you said.

    From Decker with Love

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