I currently have a plan in order to help her gain weight, but I'm hoping you guys will have some other ideas I can put to use. TimberWolf Organics was a big no-no, I thought Visa just needed time to get used to it, but after being on it for what seems like ages, she was still having large stools and the occasional diahrrea -- it was just going through her. She only lost a couple of pounds, but those are pounds she desperatly needs.

If only I had a freezer, we could switch to RAW -- it's the only meal she will eat very excitedly and still want more. But I'm still looking. So I've decided to switch her to California Natural Puppy Food. Since it has very little ingredients, there's less chance of it upsetting her digestive system. Her breeder feeds California Natural and Visa used to eat it (though with as little excitement as any other kibble ).

Visa has always been somewhat anorexic. In any other case, I'd tell the person to just take the food away after 15 minutes -- a dog won't starve itself, right? Well, Visa WILL starve herself. If I don't force her to eat something, she will go for weeks on end without food. She's not sick -- she just doesn't like kibble. If I add canned food, she will put the kibble in her mouth and kind of move it around in there, getting all of the canned food off of it, and then she will spit the kibble back out. She doesn't like gravy. I've tried adding fish oil and about a billion other things. She will try her best to get out whatever I put in there without actually eating the kibble. Adding water doesn't make much of a difference, and only gives her the runs. Right now I am feeding her boiled chicken and rice and then tomorrow I'm getting the California Natural. I'm going to get some Mega-Min (herbal liquid that is supposed to stimulate appetite) and Nutri-Cal (loaded with vitamins and minerals that help starving dogs gain weight).

Is there anything else you would do? She only needs to gain about five pounds but I would like her to gain ten.