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Thread: Are albino budgies/parakeets rare?

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    Are albino budgies/parakeets rare?

    I have an Ablino Parakeet named Star. This girl came over my house a while back and was like "WOW! ALBINOS ARE REALLY RARE!".Is it true?? I don't believe her but is she right? But she could be right because they aren't ever in Petco anymore.

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    I think they I am 90 percent sure.

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    Not really. They are uncommon in some places because many breeders are aiming for particular colors in their lines and albinism is generally not one of them, but they're not difficult to breed for. Same with lutino. They're BEAUTIFUL though!

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    Thank you! She keeps IMING me telling me that lol.

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    I have never seen one before but you know how I love red eyes!

    Niņo & Eliza

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    Nope, Albinos are not rare, but they are fairly uncommon. Budgies are, in general, quite easy to breed for particular colors and mutations, and albino is a very easy mutation to breed, as is Lutino, though the latter has proven more difficult to breed than the former. The thing is, GOOD Albinos (pure white, without a blue tinge) are rarer and far more difficult to breed.

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    Albino parakeet purchased tonight

    Quote Originally Posted by Suki Wingy View Post
    I have never seen one before but you know how I love red eyes!
    I just bought an albinio parakeet tonight...and even though I already had 3 budgies I could not resist getting it!! I have tried to upload pictures of her but I can't get it to paste. I am new to this...but I do not have a URL to my own computer.

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