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    Rainbow Bridge Pets

    It's really great to hear about everyone's current furbabies and I love them all, but every now and then...we hear about Pet Talkers' rainbow bridge babies, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread specifically for them!

    Some of you may remember me mentioning my childhood dog, Misty. She was my first (and to date: only) dog. She was the best dog! I still remember the day I came home after school (I was in 2nd grade, and I rode the bus home with my older sister that day) to find my mom sitting on the floor in the family room, holding the prettiest white dog I had ever seen! I remember I got into the house before my sister and I walked in and saw her...then ran outside and told my sister "We got a dog! We got a dog!!" She didn't believe me at first, but soon found out I wasn't joking
    Misty was 5 months old when mom adopted her from the shelter. The poor thing had already been returned twice!!
    She was the best dog, especially with growing up with 3 little kids!! She passed away right before my wedding in June 1999

    She was my best friend, companion, doggie. She shared my ice cream cones in the summer, and cheetoe snacks after school. We went on walks together, and I remember how she licked my scraped knee when I tripped and fell in our old neighborhood. I still miss her. I only hope that I can find a dog with such a great temperment and zest for life later on down the road when I'm ready for a dog.
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