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Thread: Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    Rainbow Bridge Pets

    It's really great to hear about everyone's current furbabies and I love them all, but every now and then...we hear about Pet Talkers' rainbow bridge babies, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread specifically for them!

    Some of you may remember me mentioning my childhood dog, Misty. She was my first (and to date: only) dog. She was the best dog! I still remember the day I came home after school (I was in 2nd grade, and I rode the bus home with my older sister that day) to find my mom sitting on the floor in the family room, holding the prettiest white dog I had ever seen! I remember I got into the house before my sister and I walked in and saw her...then ran outside and told my sister "We got a dog! We got a dog!!" She didn't believe me at first, but soon found out I wasn't joking
    Misty was 5 months old when mom adopted her from the shelter. The poor thing had already been returned twice!!
    She was the best dog, especially with growing up with 3 little kids!! She passed away right before my wedding in June 1999

    She was my best friend, companion, doggie. She shared my ice cream cones in the summer, and cheetoe snacks after school. We went on walks together, and I remember how she licked my scraped knee when I tripped and fell in our old neighborhood. I still miss her. I only hope that I can find a dog with such a great temperment and zest for life later on down the road when I'm ready for a dog.
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    Karen what a nice way to honor Misty. She looks like a very loving dog and resembles very much my childhood dog, Fluffy, who was an Eskimo Spitz. I do hope that soon you will be able to bring another dog into your life. You would make such a good dog mommy and it would certainly liven things up around the house for Marius and Scooter! LOL!

    This is a poor quality picture but it shows three of the four of my poodle sweeties who are at the Rainbow Bridge. Pumpkin is on the left and he was about 15 or 16 yrs. old in this picture. Ashley is in the middle and was about 3 years old and Whitney is on the right and was about a year old when this was taken. Sadly Pumpkin didn't live much longer after this picture was taken but at least for a short period of time they were all little friends.

    The quality of the picture is poor because I just took a picture of a snapshot and it didn't turn out real well. I just wanted to honor them here. The three humans in the picture are my kids (now all grown up!) and me in the middle.

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    Misty is gorgeous. Look at those eyes! And the marking on her ear gives her so much character. Pam, I've always adored your poodles and am so glad I got to see a new picture of them. I never knew Pumpkin was quite that tiny. What a doll.

    Lisa was my very first pet that was all my own (that I didn't pick up off the street). I named her after my imaginary friend because after I got her I didn't need my imaginary friends anymore anyway. Little did we know she was pregnant and had babies one night while I was sleeping (Blackie, Brownie, and Whitey). Unfortunately I don't have pics of the babies. I had a guinea pig leash for Lisa and loved to spend time in the yard with her. Just once we were traumatized by a dog trying to eat her. I had to hold her high above my head, screaming and crying. My mom came out to the rescue. Thankfully the dog wasn't out of control.

    I still can't talk about Dessi too much or the tears will flow. I grew up with her and she was the most precious, sweet natured dog in the world. I miss her so much

    Dessi as a baby:

    Me with Dessi when I was in high school:

    Dessi in our backyard:

    Dessi and Shiloh (Dessi accepted Shiloh the kitty after she was the only pet for 15 years):

    Shiloh, Reece, Lolly, Skylar
    and fosters Snickers, Missy, Magic, Merlin, Maya

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    What sweet memories...........
    What a nice thing for everyone to show off their looooved furrbabies.!.!.!.!
    How did everyone get their old pics on here, scanners?????
    I don't have a scanner but maybe I will get my RB babies on here one day if I borrow mom-in-laws?!?!

    Alden is here!!
    7/6/2006 - 9 pounds 9 ounces 22 inches


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    Thank You Wolflady

    This was a very good idea you had, I know some of you already seen my web page about Keisha, but I just had to add her to this thread. She was the most precious dog and I miss her every
    This is a picture of her about 10 years ago, shortly after we got her, I know you can't see her too well, but she never was a very good picture taker

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    Great idea!

    I had a Yellow Lab, named Teal, who dies at the age of 16. I miss her sooo much! She was my baby!

    Kaitlyn (the human)
    Sadie & Rita (Forever in Our Hearts) (the Labbies)

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    My goodness guys, I'm already in can I talk about my guys without completely losing it?

    Karen ~ Misty looks sooo incredibly gorgeous and intelligent. What great memories you must have!

    Pam ~ Look at those oodles of poodles! What cuties!

    Aly ~ Anytime I hear of Dessi it brings a tear to my eye. I love seeing those pictures and of course, the one of Little Lisa. I can just picture you holding the piggie above your head & cryin' until Mom came to the rescue.

    Anna ~ Keisha was an absolutely gorgeous dog and anyone who says different, obviously didn't take the time to look! You want to know the reason she wasn't a very good picture taker? It's cause she has your love smeared all over her--which makes her all the more beautiful! Thank you for sharing your webpage and pictures with us!!

    I can't post about my guys right now without absolutely losing it, but I will try and post them soon.

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    New York

    here is a pic of my little Hamster called New York, I had him when I was 15yrs old(nearly 12 yrs now).

    He was the best, he had a great personality and was so friendly for a little guy like him. I miss him a lot. He died of a horrible disease called wet tail.
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    Most of you know about my dog already....Here's the thread about him
    Nappe -My Rainbow bridge dog (those pics won't work).

    More pics of him you find here

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    Over the Rainbow Bridge

    One of the hardest thing about having pets is losing them. It is nice to see a thread just for them! My most heartbreaking Rainbow Pet was DeeDee for her story please visit:

    No matter what happens at least my pets still love me.

    Make a fast friend -Adopt a Greyound!!

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    Isn't it wonderful we can remember how much we loved our passing babies. The hardest thing about having them is losing them - no greater hurt, but no greater happiness than the memories we have. This is such a nice way to honor them - thanks Wolflady - this is a precious idea

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    Oh, guys, I'm getting tears reading about all the love of our precious Rainbow Bridge babies! They really do hold a special place in our hearts that can never be replaced.

    Pam, awwww!! You had an eskie in your childhood too? They're such great, happy looking dogs!! Misty was a very bouncy girl. I loved how it always looked like she was laughing. Gotta love that eskie trait! Your poodles are so precious. I'm so happy you shared them with us! At first glance, I thought Pumpkin was a puppy! What a cute little guy he is! I like the white, grey, and black combo...and all different sizes! No doubt you loved them very much
    I forgot to tell you about this, but while I was on my little birthday wine tour a couple of weekends ago, we went to this one winery (Ebberly) and they had 2 standard black poodles. It was the first time I saw one in person! Such sweet dogs they were! There was a male and a female. Of course I had to give in to those big brown eyes when they were begging for some treats. The male dog ever so gently took the piece of bread I offered from my hand. I was impressed at his manners! LOL LOL I thought of you and Bella I can see why your smitten with poodles. I was so impressed by these to at Ebberly. And no doggie odor! That's news to me! LOL LOL
    Aly **hugs** such sweet sweet pics and memories! No doubt your RB babies made you the angel you are today I love the pic of you and Lisa! How cute! I remember very first 'official' pet too. Mine was a teddy bear hamster named Dynamite!
    I'm positive that Dessi holds that special place in your heart as your first dog, like Misty does in mine. It sounds like she was growing up with you in that same part of your life as Misty was in mine. What a good natured dog. **hugs** I know you must miss her a lot.
    Sara, yup! Scanners! I actually got the idea for this thread because I had seen some really nice memories of RB babies posted recently and thought we could put them all here. I also have a pic of my RB dog Misty on my desk here and work and decided to just scan it and finally upload it for everyone to see I'd love to hear about your RB babies
    Anna, your Keisha is a cute huggable looking dog! Your webpage about her was great, and what a nice way to remember her
    LabLover, it sounds like your Teal had a nice long life before her journey over to the Rainbow Bridge. **hugs**
    Zippy **hugs** I couldn't help but think of your precious Tom. Maybe we could find your previous thread (just a pic) about him and post it here??
    Heather, so sorry about your cutie patootie New York! Those little hammies just win over your heart with their little beady eyes and cute little faces. I miss my hammies too. **hugs**
    C&K, I know I've said this before, but I just wanted to say again how handsome your Nappe is. Thanks for posting your thread about him again here
    Tigeress, you're so right about how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. That has got to be the only bad thing about having a pet. But, the rewards are far greater, and the memories will always be cherished. I really believe that our pets makes us all better people, and their lives enrich our so much that I can't fathom a life without pets. Thanks for posting the link about your DeeDee. I can't believe how sick people can be. Leaving her in a Plastic bag??!! Poor, dear DeeDee. **hugs** my heart aches for babies like her who didn't deserve such a hard road. At least she spent her last moments with kindness and love. No doubt she's looking down on your and smiling. I also noticed that you have a email address!! A fellow Boiler!!! I miss Purdue!

    Finally, here is a picture of Jessee, our own beloved purrley's rainbow bridge kitty. Isn't she beautiful??

    **hugs** to all RB babies everywhere and the people who love them

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    Wolflady- Ah, yes, I forget that I left my Purdue addy on that page. I'm three weeks from being out of here! I'm sure I'll miss it later, but right now I'm ripped and ready to get out into the world!!! I'll be getting my BS in Animal Science with a specialty on small animal, birds, and reptiles. In a few years I'm going to apply to vet school (maybe even back here at Purdue), but for right now I need a break from school!

    Thank you for your kind words about DeeDee. People can be sick! I shudder to think of some of the stories I've collected working at various shelters and Wildlife Centers! We get a lot animals from the police that have been taken away from their owners. Two years ago we got in a horse that was starving, had a split hoof, and to top it off the guy had been using CHAINS to hold the saddle on! Ack! To everyone's surprize the horse was still as sweet as sugar to us! After we patched him up we got him a home on a pasture where he won't ever be ridden again.

    Another quick story: I got a rescue call from a guy once who said he had a fox in his house with a broken tooth. "Broken tooth? How do you know it is broken?" I said. "Because the other end is stuck in the broom handle I was hitting him with."

    God give me the strenght to forgive my enemies!!!!!

    No matter what happens at least my pets still love me.

    Make a fast friend -Adopt a Greyound!!

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    Rainbow Bridge

    I just learnt recently about Rainbow Bridge From Amberlee who was kind enough to give me the link for it. I cannot express enough what a beautiful site this is to honor our lovely furbabies.
    Just recently i had a little kittie named Scooter who we had to put to sleep this past February. Let me tell you a little bit about him.
    I adopted Scooter from a woman who takes in stray animals and has them neutered/spayed and also their shots. We got him in September of 2001 when he was about 7 months old. He was white with tabby. We named him Scooter cause of the way he would scoot around the house. We noticed that he had terrible breath and upon looking in his mouth, noticed that his mouth was very red. So off to the vets he went. They said he had a very bad case of gingivites. So he had his teeth cleaned and was put on antibiotics. To make a long story short, Scooter was brought back to the vets two more times as it didn't completely go away. In the end they said he had a very severe case of bacterial infection that has probably infected his organs. The vet suggested that he be put to sleep and he was not going to get any better only worse .
    We only had him for five months but grew to love him dearly. Everytime i came home from work he would greet me by literally jumping up on my shoulders and wrapping himself around my neck for petties. I sure miss the little guy. He was one of a kind.

    R.I.P. my Precious Katie, Katie Pretty Lady.
    Oct. 1991 - Oct. 9, 2005
    R.I.P. my Beloved Wild Hair Wee Willy Winky
    April 8, 2005 - June 19, 2009
    R.I.P. my best friend Buddy.
    Sept. 1993 - Feb. 04, 2010
    R.I.P. my handsome Mooky.
    July 24, 2002 - April 1, 2010

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    Awww... all of your R.B. babies are adorable!

    I'm sooo sorry, for you loss. I know how it feels.

    Aly, Dessie looks just like my sweet Teal baby.

    Kaitlyn (the human)
    Sadie & Rita (Forever in Our Hearts) (the Labbies)

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