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Thread: Remembering dad

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    Remembering dad

    I'll be thinking of my dad tomorrow. He would have been 101. He passed away on Nov 9, 2000 at the age of 96. He was the kind of dad that you looked to for answers. He had his own appliance repair business for about twenty years He was also a ham (amateur radio operator) for about 60 years. It's still hard to think that he's gone now. I miss him.

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    (((hugs))) I'm sure your dad was a great person... It's a good thing from you to remember him...
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    Bet your Dad knew my brother along the way in his ham radio experiences. My brother was in California during and after that earthquake back in the late 80's and was very active on the ham radio, helping to get word out to families and in locating families in the earthquake area. Then in later years he was the Red Cross SE USA Regional director for ham radio operators.

    Gee, you Dad lived a long, long life.... think of the history he saw as it happened! WOW!

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    I bet your dad was a really interesting man to speak with David. May he be resting peacefully.

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    I am sorry to read about your dad, mine died in June at the "young" age of 81!!! Do you remember your dad's ham call? I'm KB2YJX and my husband is K2BC(he was [email protected])!! 73(best regards)! Sandra
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    You missing your father, just brings tears to my eyes, I just cannot imagine life without a such a wonderful father, such as my dad.

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    Yep, I know what you mean and how you feel. My dad passed Nov 27 2002 (the day before Thanksgiving) and my mom on June 18 2005. We "celebrated"their lives by having my mom's plaque unveiled on Sunday. Dad was 88 and mom 83. I'm thankful I had them that long. Now they're both together again. They radiated love and devotion. It was beautiful. Holidays are tough this year.

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    I know you miss him,but Im glad you have wonderful memories of him..what a great thing to be rembered like you rember him..I hope im rembered so well..I rember my mother that way..and miss her also..

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    It's never easy to be orphaned, no matter how old you are! {{Hugs}}
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    Hugs and kisses to you. My darling Dad died in March so I know how much you must be missing yours....
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