well I would have to say that the Jolly Ball is the greatest toy ever invented lol I cant figer out what the great appeal is, but both Happy and Misty will drop ANYTHING to play with this ball, before now Happy refused anything exept staring at the critters for a tennis ball, and she would refuse everything to stare at the critters, I could throw tennis balls to her and they would bounce off her head, I could drop a steak in front of her nose and she would get up and walk away. but last night she actually stopped staring at the critters to play with the jolly ball! I could not believe my eyes! she went bonkers for this thing. Misty is just as bad, she adores this thing, she will leave most toys to get mad at another dog, but she wont takes her paws off this toy, she wont share either lol I have to send Misty outside so that Happy can play with it. for a rubber ball with a handle I cant figer out what on earth the huge appeal is, but I would have to say it was the best $18 I ever spent lol