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Thread: Zoe biting 10 year old twins and neighbor girl while...

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    Zoe biting 10 year old twins and neighbor girl while...

    they take her for her walks.

    She nipped at a neighbor girls ankles, she tripped and fell to the ground, letting her go.


    How can I train her to stop this darn biting and nipping business? She wasn't like this when we first got her.

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    is she playing??
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    Yes, I'm pretty sure of it.

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    Well, you definitely can't make a great temperament assessment on a dog when it's first brought home, a lot of times their personality doesn't come out really for a week or so. They're nervous and shy at first, sometimes. I would just carry a toy or chewy or something when you're going on walks. Buy a little treat bag or carry small tidbits of treats (I give Finn cheerios, cuz they're cheap and don't ruin his appetite) so that you can train her on leash and train her to behave. I wouldn't let the kids walk her until she's trained on the leash, to begin with. But, if you keep a clicker and treats, you can keep her distracted, and, looking up instead of down at ankles. You may want to train her on leash, without the kids around at first. In a location with fewer distractions. Does she nip any other time or just when they're walking her?
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    well thats all normal puppy hood tap her on the nose and say in a deep voice "NO" or stick ur fingers in her mouth and push down while holding the bottom of her jaw and say no biting or something
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    Read about Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, and order his DVD. It's amazing what he can do with dogs, and we can learn from him, too.

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    Sounds like Zoe had tons of herding instinct! The first thing Logan will do upon meeting anyone is smell their shoes and ankles. I took her out of the car at the train station the other day while waiting for John and asked everyone in advance if she could do her thing. Everyone loved it and petted her. I'm the only person who's shoes (heels) she'll actually grab when I'm in the yard with her. I know she's playing hard. She's never bitten. But if she gets over zealous, I clap my hands hard and firmly say NO. If she gets goofy in the house, I threaten or grab the soda can full of pennies and she stops instantly. I agree, I wouldn't let the kids walk her until she's trained not to do that.

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    Yup, she's proabably got some herding dog in her and her puppy attitude is coming out.
    I'd get her enrolled into a puppy class as soon as you can. In the meantime I wouldn't leave her around the kids unsupervised. Classes will teach her (and you & the family) some much needed manners & basic commands. They will teach you how to heal, not pull on the leash, not to nip. In the meantime try to redirect the behavior. Teach her to carry a ball or toy on her walks.

    Also make sure that she knows that this behavior is not acceptable, NEVER. You will need to speak to everyone who handles her and is around her to make sure everyone is consitent with each other & persistant too. When she does nip at the ankles make sure everyone uses the same command, like a firn NO or NO BITE, and remember to PRAISE when she lets go or stops the bad behavior. Then RIGHT AWAY offer her something she can chew on, a toy & praise again as soon as she takes the toy that you offer her.

    Good luck.
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