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    Hello all! Just wondering if anyone has had this experience... My dog barks whenever someone leaves the house. She follows them to the front door then barks as they leave. Once the door is shut, she runs back in and sometimes nips at my legs.

    Is this agression or anxiety? I want to stop her from doing it but I don't know if I should? If I should, how do I stop it?

    Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!!!

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    First of all Hello my name is Helene && Welcome to PT & enjoy all the talks & pictures..

    As far as dog barking is that my dogs are outside & they bark at anything.. They even bark at UPS truck going down the road.. I know I was not much help..

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    Maybe you should try and train her to do stuff like "sit" "stay" when people leave? Make her focus on you instead of the person leaving...??

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    Don't worry! She is probably just telling them they better get off her terraitory. But be careful she doesn't bite anyone and supervise her around house guests and mailmen and stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slleipnir
    Maybe you should try and train her to do stuff like "sit" "stay" when people leave? Make her focus on you instead of the person leaving...??
    I agree, I'd re-direct her behavior into something more productive & less harming.
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