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Thread: help with lab/chow mix pup

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    help with lab/chow mix pup

    Hello, I am new at this. I have a question. Does anyone know anything about Lab/Chow mixed dogs???? We have one that is 5 months old. I can not get her house broke she will not listen or learn. (at least for for a day or two she will but then goes on her way doing what she wants.)
    We are currently going through obediance school with our 2 year old rottie/shep mix because of obediance problems. (I am the one that is with him all the time and then out of the blue he started growling at me and will not listen to me but he will obey my fiance.) The obediance is working for him.
    But for the lab/chow I just don't know anything about the chow breed and have heard many things, then when you mix lab with it its hard to tell what you get. Does anyone have any advise to give?


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    Welcome to Pet Talk! I am sure you will love it here.

    I have adopted out dozens of Chow/Lab Mixes with the Humane Society here and I have not heard of any problems. As a matter of fact, I had a neighbor who moved and left her Chow/Lab mix. I took care of Chab till he got a home of his own and he was wonderful. Very calm and obedient and potty trained.

    Maybe something else is the matter. Perhaps Candy or Carrie can help diagnose the problem.

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    My neighbor has recently adopted a lab/chow mix, and I had a lab/chow/german shepherd mix years ago (but I think he had more of a german shepherd personality, and was smart and easily trained).

    My neighbor's dog, Girl, is a royal pain. She is very protective and loving of her family and she even accepts my family, but she will ATTACK other innocent children who are across the street -- she has to be watched closely. I don't trust her at all. She is potty-trained and stays fenced without digging -- which is good -- but she is smart enough to open fences or sliding doors if they aren't locked. She is also wild -- they keep her crated when they are away, and she can completely dismantle a large locked crate and escape. When she stayed with us, she fought with my dog and trashed the blinds trying to escape out the window after escaping from her crate. GRRR! And she also doesn't get along with other animals either -- she's tried killing cats and she picked up my neighbor's other dog (a froo-froo poodle) and did some serious damage to him!

    I think some obedience training would be good. Not all dog personalities are the same, but it sounds like you'll have your hands full. Good luck!

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