Hello, I am new at this. I have a question. Does anyone know anything about Lab/Chow mixed dogs???? We have one that is 5 months old. I can not get her house broke she will not listen or learn. (at least for for a day or two she will but then goes on her way doing what she wants.)
We are currently going through obediance school with our 2 year old rottie/shep mix because of obediance problems. (I am the one that is with him all the time and then out of the blue he started growling at me and will not listen to me but he will obey my fiance.) The obediance is working for him.
But for the lab/chow I just don't know anything about the chow breed and have heard many things, then when you mix lab with it its hard to tell what you get. Does anyone have any advise to give?