Hey all,
Just a note to say hello, hope all is well.
Thanks to all that welcomed me the other day.
I have 3 dogs, 7 cats (3 are inside), 2 pet bantham chickens,
3 parrots, and 2 lovebirds. So you can see our house is full.
And we LOVE everyone of them. Each one has a different personality. As soon as I learn how to post pictures I will send some in. My husband said he would show me. Im not completely
computer literate.
I live in North Carolina, married , no children( just our kid pets).
Anyway as I said, I love this site, its great. Cant wait to get to know all of you.
Today Im going to get my Decorations for Fall out and decorate the front yard.
I will check back later, till then everyone have a great day.