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Thread: Springfield, Missouri

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    St. Louis, Missouri

    Springfield, Missouri

    Does anyone live in/near/around the Springfield area or know of any events that are happening in our area?? I live more towards Branson (Hollister, to be more precise) but Springfield is the next closest city so I figured more stuff would happen up there.


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    Woohoo another Missourian!!! * does a happy dance*

    Nope I do believe that our state is dead at the moment.
    Hold your head high.
    Don't ever let 'em define
    The light in your eyes.
    Love yourself, give them Hell.
    You can take on this world.
    You just stand and be strong
    And then fight
    Like a girl.

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    we were in springfield missouri a couple of months ago to purchase a new vehicle, but unfortunatly we live in springfield TENNESSEE and have no plans of driving all the way back there anytime soon

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    Wow, you live close to the lake? We were there in 1984! We were invited there for Thanksgiving dinner by a Belgian family who lives there; there house is right at the shore!

    Oh, we lived in St.Louis for 2 years. Andy, it is a BEAUTIFUL state!!

    ps. edit: my hubby just told me that we were in Springfield Ohio, not Springfield Missouri
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    I miss you enormously Maya, Inka & Zazou! Be happy there at the Rainbow Bridge

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