UGGHH!!! That New Orleans Mayor is at it again!!! He's telling people it is okay to return to certain parts of the city. However, last week he was forcing everyone to leave and requested it by force!!! The FEDERAL government REFUSED to FORCEFULLY remove anyone from their homes. Now the mayor is requesting these SAME people to return to New Orleans this week and most likely will blame the FEDERAL government for NOT allowing people to return!!!
Now I would be angry at this point if I lived in New Orleans!!! What incompotent leadership they have!!! Then to play the Race card and Blame game? You know they are going to claim that No black people were allowed back in. However, the poorer neighborhoods are still under water and impossible to return to. It is the higher ground areas which are more "affluent" that people are returning. That is because their power supply was kept above ground and could be repaired easier.
I believe the Mayor of New Orleans is trying to play games with the Federal government and pass any kind of "blame" on them. He is trying to divert attention from himself. However, how many lives is he putting in danger? Allowing people to return to areas that the FEDERAL government hasn't determined to be "safe". If something happens to these people who is he going to blame?
The FEDERAL government is US people!!! We are the Federal government!!! Personally, I don't like someone blaming me for their inaction/bad decisions.