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Thread: Woofstock - New Jersey Style ;) *Lots of pics *

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    Woofstock - New Jersey Style ;) *Lots of pics *

    Ripley and I got the chance today to meet with Ragen (Fizz_GiggsMommy) and Joyce (Ginger's Mom). A friend of Joyce's came too and also my co-worker, Lynn. Ragen had Max with her today and Joyce of course had Ginger. Here are some pictures from our day - another HOT one but not nearly as bad as the Animal Expo we went to last time. Maybe one of these days we can meet and not be sweating and the dogs tongues can stay inside their mouths! Here goes....

    Joyce with Ginger and Ripley and offering treats to her friend's two dogs (I forget their names )

    Max and Ripley back to back. HA!

    A handsome mastiff trying to cool off under a tent.

    Four springer spaniels on leashes and no one is tangled up! LOL!

    More in next post...
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    Joyce and Ginger getting ready to watch Agility.

    Handsome Dobie halfway through Agility.

    Max says "It's hot Mom. Let's get outta here!"

    Handsome poodle boy that we met up with. Of course I got talking to his mom who used to breed and now does training in obedience. This boy was so well behaved.

    Adorable pugglily. I am drawn to pugs like a magnet.

    More to come....

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    Two adorable little bichons named Wilma and Betty and two little girls who really adore them.

    A husky for Amy, Anna and Robin and a shiba for Emily (where are you Emily?)

    Joyce and Ginger try their hand at Agility.

    A gorgeous weim...

    A trio of Puggilys.

    And it just seems fitting to end with a pair of standard poodles.

    Hope you enjoyed!

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    Pam, it looks like you all had a great time. Ripley seems to like hanging around with a big guy like Max. Sure makes one a bit more confident when you got a macho friend, huh Ripley? I hope he thoroughly enjoyed his day as *an only child*.

    Of course I love seeing Ginger, who happens to be high on my list of favorite PT doggers, although I guess today was not a day when she was willing to face the camera for pictures. Perhaps it was her day off too.

    Have to vote the Bichons and their girls as my favorite of your shots. You can feel the love. Thanks Pam.
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    What a wonderful day, Pam!!!!!

    So glad you got so many terrific pictures, too!


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    Wow. The pictures are great. Looks like one of almost every
    breed was there. The dogs and people both look like they had
    a very good time. Woofstock.... I love it.
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    Oh Pam, you got some excellent pictures!!! I am so glad you got Wilma and Betty with their little girls. Weren't they adorable. That Shiba was sooo sweet, too, unfortunately I have already forgotten her name. And your last picture made me laugh (the end). It was so much fun seeing you, Ripley, Regan, and Max. The next event is October 22nd in Sewell, for the Save the Animals Foundation. See you all there.

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    aww i wish i could have been there
    Thanks so much Ashley for the siggy!
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    Wow, looks like a great time was had by everyone!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

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    Darn! Sorry I didn't make it, Pam, but at least I got to talk to you! Looks like you had the best time! The pictures are awesome! I love the variety of breeds too! I'll try to make the next venture!

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    Wow Pam, looks like you had a great time! Thanks for the pictures they were lovely (and of course so was that gorgeous husky).

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    Woofstock New Jersey Style

    All looks like fun & all the dogs are just adorable.. Great pictures..

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    What fun! Looks like you had a great time.
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    Hey, I didn't know this was here. What a great day! I love doggie events. Sure do wish I could have been there. So many gorgeous pups. Thanks for thinking of us husky lovers and getting a pic for us

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    love the pictures

    Hi. I am so glad to see some pictures of Woofstock. It was a wonderful day. My name is Melissa and I was a vendor there. I remember seeing you. I own Dog Gone Deli.

    I didn't get the chance to walk around and take pictures. Looks like the dogs had a lot of fun. It definately was HOT!!

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