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Thread: wednesday was a bad day, prayers please=(

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    wednesday was a bad day, prayers please=(

    hey...I know I have't been here much but I'm asking for some prayers for our family.
    Weather for harvest isn't going very well and my dad's been upset about that..
    then on wednesday, we had a day off from school, it was pretty miserable outside and just a miserable day, and we were at the farm. When we came home my mom told us that grandma, her mom, had died about 7 minutes previous. she had to rush to regina yesterday so she could take a flight this morning. a bit after she had left, we got a call that my great aunt had died as I'm asking for some prayers, thank you.

    -thank you Poppy for the avatar.

    R.I.P. Hanson. You will never be forgotten, and we await the day to see you once again. The imprint you left on my heart will never fade - your big beautiful brown eyes, your big soggy kisses...

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    My heart goes out to you and your family. Life does not prepare you for loosing your mother so be extra sweet to your Mom and help her through this difficult time... especially the holidays that will be coming up soon.

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    Oh Maria. I'm so very sorry to hear of this. May God bring your family comfort and patience at this very difficult time. {{{hugs}}} and prayers that things get better for you soon.

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    Oh Maria, how very sad for your mom and your family.

    I will be sure to keep you all in my prayers.
    I've Been Boo'd

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    Today is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

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    I'm so sorry things are going badly right now. Very sorry to hear about your grandma and great aunt. That must be very hard to deal with right now. I hope things get better for you. Hug that sweet Major. He'll make you feel better for sure. PM me if you need to, ok?

    I did the right thing by setting you free
    But the pain is very deep.
    If only I could turn back time, forever, you I'd keep.
    I miss you

    I hear you whimper in your sleep
    I gently pet you and say, no bad dreams
    It will be alright, to my dog as dark as night.

    Fur as dark as the night.
    Join me on this flight.
    Paws of love that follow me.
    In my heart you'll forever be.

    How I wish I could hold you near.
    Turn back time to make it so.
    Hug you close and never let go.

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    o my heart is with you i'm so sorry this has to be the worst year ever for you, pet talk is always with you.
    Thanks so much Ashley for the siggy!
    Zoey Marie NAJ NA RN (flat-coated retriever)
    Wynset's Sam I AM "Sage" RA (shetland sheepdog)
    T.j (english setter)

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    Prayers will be coming from me and my family

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    Thoughts and prayers are coming to you from Terry, Daisy, and Delilah

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    I'm so sorry for what has been happening I wish I knew the right words for things like this...however, I hope everything brightens up a little for you and your family

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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    Oh Maria you and your family will be in my thoughts {{hugs}}.

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    That's a lot for you all to cope with in one go - you will be in my prayers
    Give 1 for a poundie

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    Oh Maria, I am so sorry... .
    I miss you enormously Maya, Inka & Zazou! Be happy there at the Rainbow Bridge

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