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Thread: Old Danish Pointer

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    Old Danish Pointer

    Today I met an Old Danish Pointer at the dog park. I talk to the owner, she said:

    "Yes, this is an Old Danish Pointer, he is about 6 months old, I got him from a very experienced breeder in the Netherlands. The breeder had 7 other puppies, and Dan here is the one I picked. Isn't he beautiful? Which dogs are yours? Old Danish Pointers are probubly one of the rarest breeds"

    I have been keeping in touch with her through email, and we've been planning to go to the park everyday, and to meet there to let our dogs play everyday at the same time. Our dogs get along VERY well, the owner, Elly, brought her dog over today also, her dog is very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the owner I've got to admit is a little bit braggy

    Has anyone heard of an Old Danish Pointer before?

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    yeah my parents had one b4 i grew up with him he was sweet
    Thanks so much Ashley for the siggy!
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    I have never seen one before i have heard of them before though they are cute

    There not on the rare breed list though

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    Yes. Old Danish Pointers are beautiful!!!

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    Yes and I've seen them in person. Beautiful dogs. I wouldn't consider them rare, just uncommon.
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    Exactly what everyone said, not rare, but uncommon, when I was 13 years old, one of the workers that was always at the desk had 2 of them. She would always bring them to work with her, Anna (the female) would just lay being the desk by the owners feet, but Prince (the male) was always sitting on the owners lap, tounge lolling, until of course he reached her height when his paws were on the shoulders, then he would put his paws up on the desk and lick everyone's hands. Anna died at 7 years old from a leg problem, and Prince died when he was about 12 from I guess old age. It's amazing how I can remember these dogs... I knew the dogs since they were 13 weeks old, when the owner started bringing them.

    Old Danishes are one of my top 5 favorite breeds. #2 on my list.
    I hope I can rescue a Old Danish Pointer/Great Dane someday!!

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