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Thread: Anyone have a Halti?

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    Anyone have a Halti?

    Does anyone have a halti kicking around that they aren't using? Size 2 or 3? Would you be willing to sell it to me? I lost Major's a while back and have had to make a makeshift halti with his leash, and right now I can't afford the $20 for a new one, so I was wondering if anyone had one?? Thanks

    -thank you Poppy for the avatar.

    R.I.P. Hanson. You will never be forgotten, and we await the day to see you once again. The imprint you left on my heart will never fade - your big beautiful brown eyes, your big soggy kisses...

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    I have a halti i'm not sure what size it is i got it when i just got another basenji so it's the size that would fit a basenji

    Not sure if this helps let me know if you could use it otherwise i'm just going to give it to the shelter

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    Do you have Targets there? I've seen some at Target though not necessarily halti brand for less I think.

    I get a 20% discount at my work I could get you one but by the time you include shipping it would probably be about the same price as $20.

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