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Thread: baseball Fans!

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    baseball Fans!

    Who's getting fed up with what is happening in Baseball these days?

    We just had one of our pitchers, Ryan Franklin, suspended for 10 days and of course he denies it as well. Do you believe in these denials from the players or do you think that they are lying?

    Example (this is just my opinion):

    Brett Boone was traded from the Mariners to the Twins. One month later, with a batting average of 137, he was released. He had many good seasons then when the whole steroid thing broke, he was accused of using. I believe that. And now it's come back to kick him in the butt.

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    don't make me cry....

    Well there was bound to be some bone head that got caught....

    Notice that Senor Bonds's knee ain't 100%

    Or is he waiting for the steroids to get out of his system?


    I was laughing because I told a friend that Palmeiro was suspended because of hemmorhoids.....

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