Hello, Long time no talk, I have been on Vacation in New Mexico and Houston with my fiance...Jolly is doing fine, and her kits are well also, all growing each day and fat as can be! *LOL* They are very cute, Jolly is doing very good, and as happy as can be, she never bled anymore after that one day! She was happy to see me when I came home, I stopped by for about an hour 2 see her in between coming from New Mexico and Houston, my gradparents took care of her while I was gone! Now I am home for good to be with my angel! She is also the proud new owner of 2 collars~! She got a hot pink feather one, and a christmas one with red and green ribbon and jingle bells! She is also in the process of getting a shirt to wear on my wedding day that says "Mommy's Bridesmaid"awww....Anyways, I will have pics of the kittys and Jolly soon, probibly tomorrow or Monday!