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    My you sure are a pretty snake Precious. I hope you have a great day and maybe some snake snacks.

    I am a little scared of snakes, just a wee bit, but I feel compelled to post today because you are such a very pretty snake. I am in awe of your colors and overall look.
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    I like when snakes are the featured pet, since they often get such a bad press. Genesis notwithstanding, I think snakes are one of the Infinite's special creations! Keep up the good work being an ambassador for snakes everywhere.
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    Not sure how I'd feel waking up next to you, but I sure am impressed with your markings and the life you lead educating all us scaredy-cats about snakes. What an interesting and exciting life you lead, for a snake. Hope you enjoy your day of celebrity today and everyone makes a big fuss of you. I don't like to think about what might constitute a tasty snake-snack, but I hope you get some sort of treat, perhaps a nice hard-boiled egg to slip down whole, or something else like that - inert, I mean.
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    Precious, although I'm a little afraid of snakes, you are indeed wonderful and special so I felt I had to post a message for you! You are so loved in your home and it seems you give back some too. Happy POTD x

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    Wow Precious, you are just one absolutely BEAUTIFUL and MAGNIFICENT creature! What a smile I got on my face imagining you curled up under the blanket, sleeping comfortably alongside your human guardian . Such a docile and gentle fellow you are, I would absolutely love to meet you and get to touch and hold you. I can think of few things that would have fascinated and excited me more as a child (and as an adult too ). I wouldn't even have to meet you in person to fall in love, Precious, I already have the moment I saw your picture, and even more as I read about your remarkable personality. Good for you, helping people to understand snakes more and teaching them that you are not the scary, viscious creatures that Hollywood and dramatic writers have made you out to be. Precious, I hope your day is filled with all your very favorite things, lots of time curled up warm and safe with your proud person and perhaps going out to the park and turning some more heads . Congratulations on being our SPLENDID and MOST deserving Pet of the Day!
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    What a stunning, most beautiful creature you are, Precious! Your coloring and markings so unique and colorful! You're simply spectacular! And you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! What a gentle and loving soul! You are truly one fine representative of the snake world, spreading the good news about reptiles wherever you go. How the kids must love it when you come to visit! I can just see their eyes popping out of their heads when you make your grand entrance! Keep up the good work being such a wonderful companion to your human, educator and ambassador of love! Congratulations to you beautiful Precious, our most precious and deserving, unique and stunning PET OF THE DAY! Long and happy life to you, dear Precious!

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    mew, my KatMa was afraid to click on "creepy crawly" but I egged her on.

    Wow! your are spectacularly beautiful -- a work of art! We're all happy to know you are a treasured pet and find it awesome that you like to educate little children on reptiles who are one of the many animals in the Animal Kingdom. Mew, do children know humans are members of the Animal Kingdom?

    Perhaps your human should have you educate adults too; mew, all creatures on this planet have beauty and charm. One needs only to look to see this.

    Live long, healthy, happy & always cherished.

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    Our most purrecious little girl, we love you fur~ever.

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