As many of you already know, Brian and I are in a major transition right now as we are moving from Ft. Hood, TX to Cincinnati where Brian has been selected to be a recruiter for the US Army. Well, we left Ft. Hood in May and have been working ever since to try to get things going for us up here in Ohio. We officially closed on our house on June 25th and took the keys as of the 27th. Unfortunately, our household goods have not come from Texas yet so Jasmine, Destiny, Dakota, Sierra, and I are still currently living with my parents until we get those things and we get a fence put up around the backyard. Mom and dad gave us an extra bed they had for our spare room so Brian is living in our house with that, the dining room table we bought, a TV Amy lent us (thanks again sis), and our new fridge that was just delivered last weekend. So anyways, I wanted to show you all the pics that mom took for us on a trip we all took down there on the 4th of July to show mom and dad the place and to get that bed there! I hope you all enjoy and more pics will come once we get our things and we can decorate!

More to Come!